Monday, 10 October 2011

New Zealand Honey Co - What’s the “buzz” about honey?

I was recently sent a bottle of the New Zealand Honey Co's new squeezy bottle to try.
The plastic bottle has to be a lot greener than a glass jar, its certainly easier to dispense honey onto my porridge and drizzle over salmon. I was sent the thyme Honey, its a lovely sweet but very deep herby aroma. I loved the different taste to the honey.

The Thyme Honey comes from a single species of thyme that grows wild in the remote and rugged Central Otago Mountains of New Zealand’s South Island.  In  Spring the bees know exactly where to go as the side of the mountains are a mass of purple with thyme flowers. I found this a really unique tasting honey, apparently good on meat too.

New Zealand Honey Co’s new range of delicious honeys are an easy way to incorporate natural goodness into your diet and help improve health and wellbeing. What’s more, they’re also a wonderfully versatile way to add flavour to a whole host of your favourite dishes.

Unlike other squeezy honeys, New Zealand Honey Co’s range has a unique pre-biotic and antioxidant rating which tells you just how much goodness you’re getting from each spoonful. Available in two exciting varieties, the range of ‘squeezy’ honeys makes life in the kitchen even easier. No knife required, just hover the bottle over its target, squeeze and hey presto you’ve added a sweet and healthy shot that gives your dish a gorgeous new flavour.

Smooth tasting Beech Forest Honeydew is fabulous spread on nutty breads and tastes fantastic with fruit, yogurt or muesli. The honey is packed full of pre-biotics which are good for the gut and for strengthening the immune system.  For the more adventurous amongst you, why not add it to a Moroccan Chicken dish for an extra kick to an already exotic meal.
Thyme Honey, as well as being great on toast or with yoghurt, also creates a delicious and tender marinade for meat dishes. The honey is packed full of antioxidants, which can help neutralise harmful free radicals, that have been known to cause anxiety and other common health problems.
New Zealand Honey Co’s range is not only delicious and packed with goodness but is also a great alternative to sugar. This means that you and your family can still enjoy tasty sweet breakfasts but with a natural sweetener that is better for you than refined sugars.

Owned by a group of dedicated beekeepers, New Zealand Honey Co harvests its honey from over 14,000 hives in the rural and unspoilt South Island of New Zealand. The company is New Zealand’s largest single producer of speciality honeys and they work hard to ensure the final products preserve all of the full flavour and nutritional qualities found in raw natural honey.


  1. I love trying new varieties of honey. I've never heard of either of these, and now I'm excited to try them!!!

  2. This honey sounds great, I think I'll try it :)