Monday, 3 October 2011


Inspired by the traditional Latin American snack tamales, Lush is incredibly excited to introduce our new cornhusk packaging to wrap our solid cleansers.  It’s the same papery wrap that you get around sweetcorn cobs, dried out in a special way for using in Mexican restaurants.  It’s 100% natural, compostable and biodegradable and replaces the black, recycled-plastic pot we currently use. In 2010 we sold 1,524,464 pots of our solid cleansers globally – so this will save over 24.4 tonnes of plastic packaging.

The cornhusk packaging will be launching with our seasonal, limited edition cleansing roll Bûche de Noël (£5.50 for 100g), this one is for all skin types to hydrate and soften, containing lots of softening and nourishing ingredients to help protect against the cold.  There’s ground almonds to gently exfoliate the skin; dried cranberries and fresh satsumas to tone and brighten; nutritious almond oil to soften; and cocoa butter to act as an emollient, to help lock in moisture and keep skin soft in all weather conditions.  Wrapped in a sheet of nori seaweed, it resembles a festive Yule Log. 

It’s also available for our year-round cleansers (all £5.50 for 100g) such as the international best seller Angels on Bare Skin; deep cleansing and exfoliating Dark Angels for oilier complexions; and Herbalism for blemish prone skin.
Once the cleanser is wrapped, the husks will harden and hold their shape. They can be opened easily and stored in the bathroom, but try not to get them too wet.  They won’t go mouldy or anything – we’ve tested them! – but if you’d prefer to store your cleanser in something more sturdy, then simply decant into an old, clean black pot.

The husks are stuck together with a label, giving you all the usual product and ingredient information.  These labels are printed on 100% recycled paper and it can be recycled again – so maintaining the packaging’s 100% green credentials.  This label also has a QR code, that once scanned by your mobile phone will take you straight to our website.

To pick up these and many more ethical, cruelty free cosmetics, visit Lush stores nationwide now.  For shop details and mail order contact 01202 668 545.


  1. This looks great, Love exfoliators with almonds in them, stops my skin drying out :-)

  2. I love Lush products, their bath bombs are just the trick t make me feel pampered!

  3. Well done Lush! What a brilliant packaging idea - Congratulations! Now all we need is for others to follow their lead....

  4. lush it great, i do love the original plastic tubs they come in!