Thursday, 27 October 2011

Millie’s Cookies become Millie’s Spookies for Halloween

Cookies to scare the crumbs out of you!!

Mwahahah its soon the time to scare yourself and all the wonderful trick or treaters knocking on the door.
One treat I may not be sharing with my ghoulish visitors are  the Millies Spookies!

Far too nice to share, well with my own bunch of horrors maybe!!
The range is so much fun this year, lots of Halloween ideas to decorate the large cookies and the boxes of cookies the perfect size to nibble on at your halloween party or snuggled up on the sofa watching a scary movie.
The cookies are still the same chewy sweet moreish cookies that I love but with the wonderful ghoulish makeover.
As the box says its love at first bite!!!

Happy Halloween!

Millie’s Cookies is turning into Millie’s Spookies this year with a fang-tastic selection of terrifyingly tasty treats to make Halloween all treat – and no trick.
The creepy cookies will still be the freshest, softest, chewiest sweet treats in town but, like all the Millie’s Cookies’ stores, they will be given a seriously spooktacular makeover. 

You can mix and match with a Treat Box of 12 cookies at just £5.99, the question is, ‘witch’ one will tickle your fancy – sweet and tasty  ‘Batty Banoffee’, melt-in-the-mouth ‘Raspberry and Fright’, soft and chewy ‘Choccy Horror’, fruity ‘Chilling Cherry’ or smooth and tangy ‘Choc Ooorange’? Perfect for little monsters, kids favourites ‘spookie pops’ are available with their own devilicious designs, or alternatively, why not pick up 12 mini bites for just £2.99?

And, if you’re planning a Halloween haunted house party, a one-off terrifying Tombstone Cookie [£6.99] is available for you to ice your scariest 15-character message onto.

Or a Millie’s Cookies frighteningly good 12 inch Monster Cookies [£12.99] is sure to lift the spirits – just come up with a line to make your guests ghoul with laughter, such as ‘you’re a devil!’, ‘bite me’, or why not ask your little horrors to come up with a chilling message all of their own? However you choose to express yourself, Millie’s Cookies expert icers will do the rest.

Complete your Halloween celebration by indulging yourself in one of Millie’s Cookies mystical muffins, including ‘blood chilling blueberry’ and ‘Double Choc Shock’, or a made-to-order Halloween inspired hot drink, the ‘Malloween’; a creamy hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.

Millie’s Cookies delicious Halloween treats are sure to be love at first bite.  Find your nearest store at

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  1. these look cool, didnt notice these at halloween