Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mantis® Instant Shine Review

This weekend a strange occurrence, Chris did not have a £10 valet outside our local Homebase, he decided to use Mantis Instant Shine and cloths pack we were sent, I was all set to use it and he nabbed the bottle and was gone.
 Chris is a manager at a crane hire company, he often has to visit sites local to his business and also quarries and as a result our car is really like the before and after of new products being promoted.

It can be cleaned on a Sunday and by Monday is dusty, and dull and you wonder why you bothered.
Now here are some 'before' cleaning pics.

Chris said it sprays evenly and applies easily, he was very impressed with the cloths  each pack contains 2 different Microfibre Towels the first he used was the  Mantis Applicator Towel.
Its just a case of wiping on and lifting the dirt, dust and general grime.  
Paige and I stood in the kitchen watching Chris work and I was very amazed at the high glossy shine appearing. Chris was using the  Mantis Buffing Towel  which brought the paintwork to a really high shine. The buff cloth was as impressive as the spray. One thing that is not mentioned in the Mantis info is just how good it is on cleaning the windscreen and windows. They sparkle.

He found after spraying on that the Mantis shine lots was left, so its pretty economical, he had used very little.
Now for the after photos.
I think they speak more for the Mantis Shine than I can.

If you like the sound of the Mantis Instant Shine then you may want to enter the giveway.
The prizes are 2 x Mantis Instant Shine and Cloths sets.
Look out for my next posts!!

For a professional 'wet-look' high gloss finish for your car or motorcycle - Mantis® Instant Shine is the answer. This revolutionary waterless cleaner will cut through dirt and grime to give you an ultimate shine in minutes. It gently lifts impurities from the bodywork, and then wipes off to reveal a professional, showroom quality gleam. Powerful enough to break down dust and dirt from your alloys, it will also leave your wheels shining like new.

This unique waterless formula contains silicone enhancer to prevent scratching and a gloss boosting agent to increase water repellency. As used by the British Swift Sport Rally Team, this product will change the way you clean your vehicle and give you an unbelievable sheen.

 Find out more on the Mantis facebook as well.


  1. Wooza I don't think my car was even that shiny new!!! My OH usually washes our car when he's nightshift at the fire station but he is intending to get another motorbike soon, this would be amazing for cleaning that! I'll have to let him know about this magical shiny stuff!!
    Kirsten x

  2. Wow great pictures, it's good to hear about something like this that really works

  3. Wow, my hubby could really d0 with some of this for his car! Fantastic!