Monday, 10 October 2011

Little Dish Chicken & Two Veg Pasta

There once was a chicken called Sue
Whose favourite number was two
She ate two veg for lunch
which packed double the punch
And tasted fantastic, that’s true!

Little Dish, makers of fresh, natural food for toddlers is adding a delicious new recipe to its range this autumn Chicken & Two veg pasta. I was sent a 'Little Dish' to show you and I must say its a good one, warming for toddlers at this time of year, its yet another good quality dish for Mums who like to cook for their little ones and do not get the time.
It has the lovely cheese sauce that also appears in other Little dish meals, Fish Pie, Lasagne and others. In the sauce is mini fusilli pasta,chicken breast, carrots and broccoli all fresh and well cooked.
 As I've said before Little Dish have a team of people making childrens' meals with the correct nutrition so actually can beat some home cooked meals.

 They salt free and all the goodness a meal needs, calcium, protein etc. Pop into Waitrose

Little Dish Chicken &Two Veg Pasta is designed to have the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. What’s more, it is a source of calcium, essential for growing kids

All Little Dish are made from the best tasting natural ingredients, with no added salt or sugar, ideal for those days when you don’t have time to cook from scratch. Simply pop a Little Dish meal in the oven or microwave (straight from the fridge or freezer) and serve to your little one, safe in the knowledge that you are giving them something fresh, delicious and nutritious.

Little Dish meals are approved by a nutrition expert and a team of tiny tasters and  
The Little Dish Chicken & Two Veg Pasta is available from Tesco stores nationwide from 5th October and on Ocado later in the month.


  1. This sounds lovely and perfect when in a dash between school. work and after school club nights.

  2. we often use these meals for quickness on nights i am working and they are great