Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gilberts Wine Charms/ Glass Markers

I love being able to decorate my wine glasses, its a great way to add a bit of extra sparkle at a party and these Giberts Wine Charms are so cute. They are actually made of silicon which I find less irritating than the ones that are metal and can jangle a bit too much.
These will be a lovely Christmas gift and particularly for a flower lover. The box is lovely and the flowers all stand in a bouquet. each one different and brightly coloured. I love the yellow tulip style one and have designated that to be my glass marker.
These would also be good for Mothers Day or birthday.
Love them.

The new Trudeau "Wine Charms" will be an undoubted success, making a great Xmas gift but an ideal all year dinner party gift too. They are perfectly priced at under £10. The Glass markers offer a highly practical solution for clearly identifying drinks at parties and celebrations.

Featuring 12 highly colourful and stylish silicone blooms with flexible green stems, they simply fit securely around the stems of wine glasses and come packaged in an attractive clear gift box.

Price £9.95


  1. They're absolutely beautiful!

  2. These are lovely- I am a very girly girl so would like some like this as they are very pretty! x