Monday, 10 October 2011

GALAXY Traditional Style Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing more warming or reassuring, on a freezing winter’s day, than a delicious, steaming mug of hot chocolate.

This Autumn, GALAXY hot chocolate is taking this “hug in a mug” sensation one step further with its charity partnership – Hot Galaxy, Warm Heart.

The web based campaign, is encouraging people to show their warm-hearted side by giving them the opportunity to support two charities.  Web users can choose to vote for either Crisis, Children’s Hospices UK or both charities, to receive a donation from GALAXY hot chocolate each month. To vote, visit
Also new for this year is the GALAXY Traditional Style Hot Chocolate. As the name might suggest, this delicious hot chocolate is made using the traditional method of adding milk. 
I was sent some to try so I put the hot chocolate connoisseurs to task namely Paige and Conor. They drink lots of it and are best placed to comment, I have an occasional one so also tried.

 On opening it looks a little like coffee granules only the gorgeous Galaxy chocolate aroma tells you its not!  The specially created powder dissolves quickly and smoothly in hot milk and makes it a much better looking drink. Its pleasant not to have to stir and stir trying to blend the drink.
Paige had one when arriving back from college she said it was ok  but a little bland it tasted too milky with a hint of chocolate. With Conor's drink and the one I tried we found 6 spoons made it chocolatey and tasty but this seemed rather too much to use.

We loved the ease of blending no lumps at all, well only the marshmallows we added!

GALAXY Traditional Style Hot Chocolate is available from Morrisons, Tesco and ASDA  The RSP is £2.99.


  1. Sounds fantastic, can't wait to try it :)

  2. i can agree, this is beauuuuutiful!!