Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dominos Gourmet Range

I recently tried one of the new Domino's Gourmet Range, we chose the Rustica which had Chicken breast strips, naturally smoked bacon rashers, baby spinach and Sun-blush baby plum tomatoes. It was a light fresh tasting pizza, and we all really liked the new style and flavour. Nothing like a slice of pizza, then knowing it has healthy ingredients.

Domino's asked me if I would like to try the other two Gourmet range, so on Saturday night like so many X Factor followers we settled down to watch and tucked into pizza and sides.
This time it was the Florentine - Baby Spinach, Sun-blush Baby Plum Tomatoes and Greek Feta Cheese and the Firenze - Ventricina Salami, Pepperoni and Peruvian Roquito Peppers

These pizzas really are not like the usual takeaway fare, the smell is different. As we opened them I could smell the feta, the rich sunblush tomatoes and a peppery spicy aroma from the Firenze.

They look very appetising, Conor was less convinced he asked could we not have the Florentine, but I was happy to tell him I had to have it as part of my review!! Hehe it has its perks!

Sadly Conor adored the pizza so no pinching his slices, we all loved this, it was light, flavoursome, the salty feat as you probably all know works so well with the spinach. The tomatoes giving it a rich deep warm taste. The base was thin not usually my choice but it went well with the flavours and probably having a thicker base may have been too much for the toppings.
I would have like a little more of the main ingredients on top.

Onto the Firenze, it has a hot warning on the website, but its more spicy than hot. I loved the big slices of salami, the Peruvian peppers are sweet yet pack a little heat and work well with the meats. They are cooked down into a sauce almost. Another hit with all of us.

Much better than the range X Factor has at the moment, our next Gourmet range will be with a good film I think. All in all we are  very impressed with the Gourmet range, I hope these stay on the Domino's menu and indeed the range is added to. 


  1. I am so hungry now, they look lovely.

  2. Oh these look like proper Italian pizzas! I'm not normally that keen on Dominos, the kebab shop along the road makes better for half the prize but these look delicious!
    Kirsten x

  3. Thanks for your review. We have a Dominos that has just opened on our little shopping parade, we have 4 shops, so this caused some excitment!

  4. Shouldn't have read this straight after an uninspiring lunch - I'm starving now! Might ahve to look at these :-)

  5. That Florentine one looks lovely!! (and posh!)