Monday, 10 October 2011

Discover Organic Recipe Book

Discover Organic

This book is rather lovely, I was sent a copy for review recently and have been given cause to ponder what organic means to me.

There has been a definite increase in people wanting to know where our food comes from, how its grown. Realising that how we get our food from farm to plate does have an impact on the environment. For some its about the welfare of the animal and caring for nature too.

For myself I want to eat the best food I can, that not only feeds my family but is healthy, has not impacted on land or animal and in my opinion this should be a given. I should not have to really pay too much more and if all farming and production of food was organic or at least closer, the prices would come down.

People get very passionate about this issue I am remembering all the anger over GM crops, artificial pesticides, fats in food and preservatives(think Jamie Oliver). Farmers markets and their increase is a sure sign that consumers want fresh food for whatever reason. 

Why I love Organic is also very passionate and champion the cause in this recipe book, along with more on fire organic lovers Kate Humble, Lorraine Pascale, David Haye, Raymond Blanc and more.

Its lovely to read why a person loves organic. here are a few of my favourite.

Kate Humble,

Presenter on BBC’s Springwatch says

I buy organic because of the wildlife factor. I am 100% in favour of farmers looking after wildlife and many farmers do that. But with organic you get the extra reassurance on the label.

Sara Cox
"With three young children, it’s important that I’m giving them the best to eat. Through buying organic I can rest assured that the food they are eating is natural and good for them."

Then the contributors to the book share their recipes, I like that it ranges from a simple Organic Roast Chicken from Georgina Downs, UK Pesticides Campaign founder to a tasty Catalan chicken developed by Kate Humble.
It really is a treasure trove of good food words of wisdom and great photographs.

Raymond Blanc, Michelin starred chef

I love organic food because I know that the food on my plate has come from a farmer who practises healthy and sustainable agriculture. Such a farmer will be someone who shares my own ethical values and helps me reconnect with my own food culture and traditions.

This beautifully illustrated cookbook features 70 delicious recipes from well-known personalities and TV chefs including BBC presenter Kate Humble, Boxer David Haye, Chefs Raymond Blanc and Lorraine Pascale and former F1 World Champion racing driver Jody Scheckter.

In Discover Organic, celebrities, chefs and home cooks share their passion for organic food, and show just how easy it is to eat organic. Their stories and recipes demonstrate how eating organic doesn't have to be difficult, exclusive or expensive. It's practical, great tasting, better for nature and above all - something we can all make part of every mealtime.
Talking about her involvement in the new cookbook, BBC Presenter Kate Humble commented; 'Food is our daily fuel and our children's future, so as consumers and as citizens, it's important to make the right food choices. When I buy organic it's because of the wildlife factor. I am 100% in favour of farmers looking after wildlife and many farmers do that. But with organic you get the extra reassurance on the label."
Discover Organic (RRP £14.99) will be available in selected Waitrose stores across the UK from September 2011. For more information on the campaign, visit

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