Friday, 14 October 2011

Bespoke Foods Christmas traditional gifts.

I love Christmas, I missed out as a child as my family did not celebrate, as a teen I rebelled and as an adult I get very excited when this time of year comes around.

 I went to town yesterday and every shop is more or less full on with the window displays already decked out for the festive season.
Its like the cold weather coming is cheered up by seeing some fairy lights baubles and Christmas sweet treats.

Talking of sweet treats, I love the Christmas gifts from Bespoke Fine Foods.
I was sent the latest offerings for Christmas and I believe they will delight children and adults.

Firstly the Gingerbread Man ,the kit contains everything you need to create your own gingerbread man including the man himself who is a giant of a biscuit and gorgeous smelling one. The picture below is the box and contents on top of my tumble dryer so perhaps that gives an idea of how big.

There's a triangular bag of ready-to-use icing, you just snip off a corner and pipe on your decoration, words etc. A few smarties to decorate, I added some jelly sweets and currants for mine as well. Ideas on the back of the box on how to decorate if like me you aren't too inventive. The biscuit is lovely its a soft chewy gingerbread biscuit and enough to share around a family.

The Gingerbread House kit is bigger, amazing and going to be immense fun, I am keeping this one for Christmas but the picture below gives you an idea of how it looks. A delightful Christmas idea, decorative and edible. Wow!

Onto a classic game that you can eat, I'm liking this idea a lot, I do get a bit peckish when playing board games.
Twister’s Chocolate Edition, launched to appeal to parties of all ages, the rules are – pick your move, twist and win chocolate. The chocolate is finest Belgian chocolate so this ticks my first box.

Having played Twister many a Christmas and love the hilarious tangles we get into, I like this one a little more. The mat is replaced by coloured discs and as you can just throw them down, it gives the game a different feel each time and not as annoying as the plastic mat.  I couldn't wait for Christmas to give this a go (there is chocolate in the box you know!) More fun watching others play too while you get to sit near the chocolate and referee.
Bespoke Foods’ have launched these three scrumptious and tasty treats in time for Christmas. The new Gingerbread House Kit and Gingerbread Man are being launched under the slogan ‘edible DIY.’

With the festive season fast approaching, Bespoke Foods’ traditional gifts are being launched to appeal as stocking fillers to add a creative twist to Christmas shopping lists.
Chocolate Twister (RRP from £10.00), Gingerbread House Kit (RRP from £12.50) and Gingerbread Man (RRP from £6) are available to purchase from a range of department and independent stores.


  1. I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house x

  2. Go for it Susan, these kits are impressive. Taste fantastic too which is the whole point, although I would not want to eat my creation too quickly, I would want people to marvel at it!! :-)

  3. What a cute house! Every year I say I'm going to make one from scratch but I never get round to it. I suppose it's still not too late!

  4. The gingerbread house is adorable, I want one!! (now... I don't want to wait til Christmas!) I always mean to make one, but I can't imagine it would turn out that cute!

  5. Bespoke food is great, a real treat for not only for your belly but for the artist in you!