Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Baby Born Happy Birthday Doll

This is a fitting addition to the Baby Born collection, a Happy Birthday Doll, I know its to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Baby born, and a great way to celebrate that amazing length of time, but this is an ideal gift for a little girls birthday, being able to celebrate her special day with a gorgeous doll has to be extra special.

I cannot believe 20 years has gone buy, we have a few of the older Baby born's in the loft and time has flown by.
As with all the other dolls in the collection she is another quality beautiful baby doll. She comes with her lovely pink birthday outfit. I imagine this doll may become collectible.
She is 17 inches so the other outfits from any other Baby born dolls you have will fit.
She can be fed, bathed, cries real tears and wets, a nappy is in the box plus potty, bowl, spoon,bottle and dummy. 
What's cute is a birthday card and a birthday cake, its musical and a candle on top glows as if its lit.

A really special gift for any little girl who wants her own baby.

UK favourite BABY born® has reached her 20th Anniversary this year and, to celebrate this landmark occasion, Zapf Creation has created a beautiful special edition Happy Birthday doll.
BABY born® Happy Birthday doll encourages mother-care play and has eight innovative “baby” features all without requiring batteries.
This special edition doll is fully movable, can drink from a bottle and if you feed her, she will soil her nappy or use her potty.  Just like a real baby she can also cry real tears. Plus, little mummies can enjoy splashing around with her during bath time or in the pool as she’s a fully bathable water baby too.  Caring little ones can watch their BABY born® close her eyes and fall into a blissful sleep when given her pacifier.
BABY born® Happy Birthday doll is dressed in a sparkly pretty pink satin party dress and comes with her very own musical birthday cupcake which  lights up!  She also comes with a nappy, dummy, bottle, plate and potty.  Adding to the fun is a special birthday card just for BABY born®.
The special edition BABY born® Happy Birthday doll is suitable for children ages three plus and is priced around £29.99. 

Also available in the BABY born® range is the loveable BABY born® Magic Feeding doll, when you feed her she gets a messy face! Little girls will simply love to feed BABY born® with her very own ‘ice cream cone’ before wiping clean her messy face.
Suitable for girls aged three plus, the BABY born® Magic Feeding doll is priced around £34.99.
The BABY born® range is available at all good toy retailers nationwide.


  1. Wow 20 years is it that long, makes me feel old, Babyborn are so lifelike and my little girl loves hers, great idea for a birthday prezzie!

  2. Aww I love the little birthday cake and candle!