Friday, 14 October 2011

Air Wick Odour Detect Christmas fragrance

I recently reviewed the Odour detect, we (Paige and I) had a real good laugh putting it near  near the smellier residents of our house namely her brother!! I know this seems cruel.
It satisfyingly let out a spray when placed near him, and we were hysterical. We still didn't tell him it did let out a spray in each room we visited.

I was sent the  Cool Linen and Lilac a real blossom filled spray back in summer and now nights are drawing in and yes the goose is getting fat, I know a little mix of sayings here but Christmas is upon us nearly. Air Wick have introduced a lovely new fragrance to celebrate the season. Its  a gorgeous blend of mulled wine and the classic scent of Christmas, which is cinnamon.

I popped it on in the kitchen as I was making a meatloaf and after a few minutes, my kitchen was filled with a festive fragrance and I had the urge to make mince pies.

It does actually do a good job of detecting odours the sensor lets out a spray each time it senses one and the nasty smell is replaced by a lovely one. I can also switch it up to regular sprays if needed, just before visitors pop in at Christmas.

New Air Wick Odour Detect™ is the FIRST Air Freshener that automatically detects bad odours and overcomes them! 
Air Wick Odour Detect is available at all major supermarkets

  • Air Wick Odour Detect is available in the following sizes:
    • Max (21cm tall x 8.5cm wide) RRP £13.99 –for larger rooms such as the Living Room
    • Compact (13cm tall x 6.5cm wide) RRP £9.99 –for smaller rooms such as the Bathroom
  • Air Wick Odour Detect starter kits contain:
    • Air Wick Odour Detect Compact starter kit – 1 Compact diffuser, 1 fragrance spray (choose from Cool Linen & White Lilac or Sicilian Lemon & Ginseng) and 3 AA batteries
    • Air Wick Odour Detect Max starter kit – 1 Max diffuser, 1 fragrance spray (chose from Cool Linen & White Lilac or Smooth Satin & Moon Lily) and 3 AA batteries
  • Refills for both the Max and Compact are available in a wide range of fragrances RRP £3.49
  • For more information visit
We’ve all been there: the door bell rings and its perfect Shelia from next door, whose house is always pristine. Your house is looking spotless, but what’s that smell Shelia seems to have just caught a whiff of? Last night’s curry, or maybe it’s the dog? Or perhaps your husband just paid a ‘special visit’ to the bathroom? Smells matter – in fact, 79% of people quizzed by Air Wick noticed unpleasant odours in someone else’s home. But thanks to the Air Wick Odour Detect, yours needn’t be one of them. The first air freshener to use the same odour sensor technology found in luxury cars, the Odour Detect automatically detects and overcomes unpleasant odours.  It cleverly measures the chemicals in a room and reacts when it detects a new odour, by releasing an extra burst of fragrance to tackle the smell.

As well as being great for the living room or the reception area in your home, the Odour Detect is perfect for bathrooms, particularly those without a window where smells can be a problem. And when it comes to those surprise visits, thanks to nifty Air Wick Odour Detect, you can relax in the knowledge that your home smells as good as it looks, and even Shelia will be impressed!


  1. i love the christmas fregrance, always hve them begining of october lol!

  2. mmm mulled wine and cinnamon sounds lovely! :)