Saturday, 15 October 2011

Air Wick Colour Change candle

Air Wick have got me in the Christmas spirit way too early with their recent delivery of review products, the festive scented Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Odour Detect Christmas fragrance and the Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple Colour Change Candle

The whole house has been filled in recent weeks with the fragrances as I tried them out, its been lovely but its still October and I need to concentrate on Halloween and late sunny evenings a bit.

To restore order, Air Wick kindly sent me another of the Colour Change Candles, this time in Precious Silk and Oriental Orchid. Its a fresh floral fragrance, very light and a lovely one for the lounge, but what I love still the most is the fascinating colour change, they really bring oohs and ahhh's when people see them change. You can see them lit and changing in my other review

Choose from your favourite festive season fragrances including spicy Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple, indulgent Rich Vanilla and Caramel Swirl, floral Precious Silk and Oriental Orchid or the new fragrance for Air Wick, Cocoa Truffle and Crème.
Air Wick’s new colour change candle is part of the Touch of Luxury range which also includes additional candles, automatic and instant sprays as well as plug-ins, all of which add that extra touch of daily luxury and indulgence to your home.
Air Wick Touch of Luxury colour change candles are available at all major supermarkets RRP £6.12
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  1. oo very nice, £6 odd though quite pricey

  2. Really love Air Wicks scented candles and it's great that they have added the new colour change candles to there range, I must remember to add some to my weekly shopping list

  3. These look so cool, I want one! Not cheap though :-\