Monday, 26 September 2011

WorldFoods Fusion of Flavours

Now you all know my love of spicy foods and you have probably seen my journey's with Thai cooking on the blog a few times. So when I saw a tweet from WorldFoods Fusion of Flavours asking for bloggers to be global taste  team members.

 I offered my blog and I up for perusal and luckily WorldFoods liked us. I have joined a number of other fab foodie bloggers to make dishes with some of the WorldFoods products.

I will be joining them in a foodie adventure around Asian countries and I am very excited.

I also received a hamper of their lovely products a team member apron and a notebook of recipes.

What I love is the fact that I will be using these sauces, but the emphasis is also on using fresh ingredients too, as you know I never leave a cooking sauce alone and love to tinker with it, adding my own ingredients.
The recipes provided look full of lovely authentic Asian ingredients.

First stop is China and you will be able to see how I get on with what's known as the 'Holy Trinity' of Chinese cookery ginger chilli and garlic, this comes in the form of a dipping and stir fry sauce.
Mmmm I am looking forward to this! Cooking it tonight, results tomorrow on the blog.

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