Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vegan Cookbook The Essential Guide review

Now you know if you read the blog, I'm not vegan, but by now you may have discovered that I am mad on food and cooking it in different ways. I have a heap of vegetarian books, I find them great as I love all manner of dishes and there are often as not a great few ideas for vegetables and pulses that you just won't find in a mixed cookbook.
I have eaten vegan a good few times and cooked it for friends, I love the innovative dishes that often come up when looking, so when asked if I would feature the Vegan Cookbook The Essential Guide (Isabel Hood) and get a chance to have a copy my husband groaned as did my recipe shelves (yes shelves plural).

He does not groan when I cook an amazing dish for him though and the book I started to browse looked promising.

The book has great potential for anybody interested in flavours, it gives a vegan store cupboard list, then moves on to basic sauces and making salsas and grilled vegetables to add to or accompany dishes.

What brings this above the perceived nut roast and lentil burger diet is the great use of herbs and spices and you know I love my spicy fare.

There is a fabulous dish of Cauliflower with a Mexican slant, which as I've struggled with the blandness of a plain vegetable for years is a revelation.

It has inspired me to use spice in more vegetables, my tip cumin on glazed carrots.
There is a great section on pulses chickpeas being a favourite, I'm keen to try a newer recipe Savoury Chickpeas with Oregano Pesto than the one I recently posted here a superb cooking with chillis and hot spices section.

I would have loved to see some photographs in the book as its nice to get an idea how the dish should look, but I also get the fun of seeing a tasty meal appear with no real idea how it will be.

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  1. This book sounds brilliant! Im also not vegan but love my veggie and vegan cookbooks more than my meaty ones! Sounds like some delicious new ideas in there!

  2. This book sounds great, i'm vegan and I'm always after new ideas

  3. This books sounds pretty awesome. I'm always on the look out for different ways to get inspired. :)

  4. I love new meatfree recipes, this sounds great have you got the Mexican Cauliflour recipe at all?

  5. Sound like a great book as I just turned vegan! x

  6. Done ABC, it was as simple as one two three. Great book for new ideas..

  7. Looking forward to browsing through this book as it sounds like there are lots of interesting ideas - I'm always on the look out for ways of making my vegetarian diet more healthy, and this seems like a perfect (and still tasty!) way of doing it

  8. Would love to have a look through this book and try some new recipes. I'm not vegan but trying to eat less meat / dairy etc.

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  10. Cumin glazed carrots sound yummy :)
    Argh I don't like it when there aren't photos in the book though!!