Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thai Taste Review

Now if you are a regular reader of the blog, you know I love spicy food, its been an East Asian feast in our house this week. I love trying new dishes and  spices, these often though taking time to make from scratch, the great bonus of blogging is trying some superb pastes and meal kits.
Whats great about the kits is I don't have to think, I just provide the meat, maybe some veggies and within minutes I have a meal that seems as if it took hours.

Such is the latest range I received from Thai Taste.
They sent me an Easy Pad Thai Meal Kit and a range of Thai curry pastes. Tonight for instance, I walked in the house sliced some chicken, fried,threw in the Thai Taste paste and added fine green beans and green peppers, stock, fish sauce and went and had a cup of tea. Cooked up a pan of Jasmine sticky rice and dinner was done, tasting hot spicy and authentically Thai. It looked and tasted as if I'd been at work cooking all afternoon.

But first the one I wanted to try most was the interesting sounding Kaeng Pa Jungle Paste its a lovely green colour and I did follow the recipe on the back at the beginning of the weekend seen above with prawns and mange tout replacing the snow peas.

My version has red chilli in to add even more heat, but it is a hot dish and also I cooked for long enough to make this a thicker sauce than you find it first to be.

Its a rather soup like consistency  if you cook for the suggested time.
Tonight's chicken was cooked as directions, with my choice of vegetables rather than those suggested on the pack. Regular readers of my foodie posts know I rarely stick to recipes and love to put my own slant on a dish.
The finished dish really works with the chicken and the whole family loved it,its a nice spicy heat that feels warming, the flavours very aromatic and I'm looking forward to trying the rest soon.

Make time for Thai
Celebrate authentic Thai cuisine with new flavours from Thai Taste

Transport your dining experience to Southeast Asia with the exotic tastes and flavours that can only come from Thai cuisine. Thai Taste’s range of delicious pastes, sauces and meal kits are truly authentic - made in Thailand, by Thai chefs and using only the best quality natural ingredients.

The new Easy Pad Thai Meal Kit means one of the world’s most popular noodle dishes is now easier than ever to cook. Produced from fresh, locally sourced ingredients it’s an explosion of true Thai flavours that will get the tastebuds tingling; simply add prawns, chicken or vegetables for a mouth watering meal.
For those with a more creative flair, why not experiment with our new Coconut Milk pouch that will add a delicious mild and sweet flavour to any dish? The handy pouch format ensures an extra convenient cooking experience that can be used to create authentic soups, curries or desserts. 

If time isn’t on your side, don’t forget our authentic Green Curry Paste and Red Curry Paste. The delicate blend of Thai herbs will ensure you get restaurant quality flavour, in the comfort of your own home in under 15 minutes. Packed full of heat and flavour these Thai style pots will make many meals, and if you can’t use it all you can pop it in the freezer until next time.

And for that added extra kick add a dash of our Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce for a sweet hot chilli taste. The highly versatile sauce means you can use it as an ingredient when cooking or as a dip for starters and sides such as fish cakes, dim sum or spring rolls. It’s a great alternative to your usual condiments.

The Thai Taste range, including the Green and Red Curry Kits, is a delicious treat for any night of the week and a great addition to any dinner party with friends. For recipe inspiration, visit


  1. Wow, this looks fab - I LOVE Thai food! I wonder if these packs are available in ASDA? I'd love to give them a go.

  2. I bought more in a very small Waitrose.

  3. This looks yummy, will give it a try!

  4. I've tried thai taste before and it's gorgoeus!

  5. Will look out for it in Waitrose. I love Thai food.

  6. Love thai food - this looks delicious!


  7. I love Thai food too but kids don't so never cook it!
    Felicity kelly