Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tails Cocktails Review

We all like a little glamour in our lives and lets face it this recession is hitting hard and a lot of people now choose to stay in and entertain friends. My cousin had a cocktail party  for her birthday. A great idea I thought, they had all the recipes, ingredients and shakers.
I love trying cocktails they seem so sophisticated, an alcoholic treat that seems to exude Hollywood glamour, from the glitz of the 40's to the chic of the girls from Sex and the City.
So if you are staying in more these days, but still want to elevate your night with friends  beyound mundane then Tails Cocktails is the latest in stay at home glamour.
What's thoroughly cool is the ready made blends come in real cocktail shakers and the only thing you have to do is add ice! I was sent the Mai Tai, its a gorgeous taste of lime and pineapple.
They are ideal for a night in with friends, dinner parties or even pre-party drinks.
Can't wait for Christmas these will be great for the season and make great presents too. 

Tails Cocktails - How it Works! from RobDrink on Vimeo.

 I love that I can shake and pour my own and the lovely people at Tails have told me the shaker is reusable, so it is great value for money too.
 There is no fuss, no mess, you just pull off the foil top, add the ice, shake and pour to have impressive, bar quality and strength cocktails in under 30 seconds.

The Tails range includes the Cosmopolian, Espresso Martini and Mai Tai all made with premium spirits that have been perfectly and expertly combined with a balanced fusion of classic ingredients to create the ultimate cocktail serve.

The Cosmopolitan’s refreshing flavours of cranberry and lime and the Mai Tai’s exotic notes of pineapple and lime make for real . Just don’t forget your slice of orange peel or sprig of mint for the perfect finish. Alternatively indulge in the Espresso Martini with its creamy foam for a flavour of coffee, vanilla and a hint of chocolate.

Available in Selfridges (£12.99), Harvey Nichols (£12.50), Ocado
(£11.99 including delivery and gift bag)

Twitter: @tailscocktails


  1. sound good but seem very expensive for what they are , I'm getting to be an expert at making cocktails, recently made a cosmo & ran out of cranberry so topped it up with cherry juice - it was divine

  2. I love having cocktail nights with my friends and these sound great but like agran2b said above, these seem a bit expensive (especially for these days when I'm trying to save money as much as poss!!). Having said that I do like the idea of the reusable cocktail shaker so I can make my own afterwards.

  3. these look great - bit expensive but they look very glamourous - would love to try the mai tai!