Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Store Twenty One Swinging 60's

I recently reviewed Store Twenty Ones florals, summery maxi dresses and bags and I was amazed at the range and quality for such great prices. It is certainly easier to keep up to date if the prices for key fashion pieces are within reach of my purse.

As sure as summer gives way to autumn and winter Store Twenty One continues to bring the trends to us without the designer prices.

This season its retro and the shops are shouting stylish 40's,  Disco 70's  and  the Swinging 60’s.

I'm showing you a few 60's pieces two which Store Twenty One kindly sent me. I adore the shift dress seen below, it hangs so well, the wether has just hit tropical with a lovely Indian summer and I'm enjoying it, but also looking forward to wearing this dress with black tights and long black boots.

I've already spotted a few Beatles and stones tees in the stores. Geometric shapes appearing on all the dresses and blouses. Fur and ruffles and belted waists.
Store Twenty One have all the key pieces and the prices are great.

Prada this season have been showcasing the tunic in muted tones and featuring belted coats.
Here is Store Twenty One take on a cool shift dress. The price is cool too at £19.99.

A lovely winter tunic in navy is an astonishing £12.99

A fur gilet is great for keeping you warm, these will team with a pair of denim flares, again Prada had a lot of fur trim on the catwalks, they may not be in your price range but how about this above for £24.99.

This has to be a favourite of mine, one for the shape of the dress, the bold pattern really makes a statement and best of all the price for this Camel Tunic is £12.99

Stockists details:
0121 705 8286


  1. Great prices, I saw a similar beige dress with the black borders in a dress shop at 3 times that amount. I love Store Twenty One

  2. i didnt realise they sold this kind of stuff, i have one close to me and never been in

  3. Oh these are lovely. I'm a card holder for store twenty one and collect points when I spend anything really if I spend money on these lovely clothese I'm actually saving money...aren't I?

  4. We have a Store 21 in our little town and in all honesty I had never stepped foot inside it but having seen some of the items they are selling and the prices in your review, I will definately be calling in their tomorrow. I love the navy knitted tunic and for £12.99...what more could you want!

  5. I love that last dress! I've hardly heard of this store but it sounds fantastic, can't believe the prices!

  6. I like the fur gilet. I'd wear that.