Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sanex Zero%

This is a fabulous performance for the new Sanex Zero% I've just stepped from the shower after using this latest shower product and have to say it feels good on my skin, has a lovely light perfume and cleans as a good shower gel does. However its added benefit is it has none of the additives and chemicals we often use in our shower gels.

It also has been a great addition for Chris already, his skin can react quite badly to certain shower gels and has done so with the last one I bought. He has used the Sanex Zero% and said his skin already feels less tight and uncomfortable.

To showcase the gel this performance is very intelligent, artistic, I love the music and the performance is as gentle as the Sanex Zero% appears to be on my skin.
Its an  unusual piece of street theatre that took inspiration from the Living Sculptures that are often seen on the Southbank.  It involved performers trained in the Graham Technique moving almost in slow motion during a 20 minute period.
The piece reflects some of the key values that are conveyed in the current TV advert. The performers in paint are a metaphor for the majority of us who put unnecessary chemicals on our bodies everyday, whilst the other individual represents the idea that with a product such as Sanex Zero% you don't have to.

Say goodbye to unnecessary ingredients and hello to healthy skin

New Sanex Zero% contains:
0% parabens
0% colourants
0% phthalates
0% phenoxyethanol

Its biodegradable formula is proven to have minimal impact on aquatic eco systems and has been awarded the European Eco Flower.

Like all Sanex products, the Sanex Zero% range is dermatologically tested and proven to keep skin healthy.

Sanex Zero% is available nationwide from August in the following variants:
250ml shower (Normal skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin)
650ml foam bath (Normal skin)


  1. Sanex products are my fav, cant wait to try this one

  2. I've tried this, it's great. You feel so fresh and clean and the smell is lovely!