Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Poundland Back to Scool Challenge

Poundland's Back to School range is bigger and better than ever and to showcase this, I was contacted to take part in a ‘Back to School’ challenge this year and offered several bloggers  Poundland vouchers to go into stores and see how much they can get for the kids for school  for just £10.

Well being a bargain hunter and blogger to boot I was one of the lucky challengers. This weekend I popped into my local store to shop.

My focus was for items for Conor and Paige starting college. Poundland were keen for me to have a voucher and see what I could find for older children.

I was pleased to see that the range caters for all ages and I easily picked out lots of goodies for my two.

First two items are the fab retro asymmetrical designed notebook and pens.
Conor was pretty chuffed with them, he was asked to bring a notebook or pad tomorrow for his first day and I did not expect to find a really modern cover and matching pens. There are other matching accessories too including a folder and a pencil case.

More pens, well Conor is very generous, on top of losing several he will also give them to fellow students who suffer the same fate!

Always useful for any student and my children have always had packs of these but I have paid way more than a £1, pleased with 2 sets of  70 punch pockets for so little money!!
Paper is the same , we go through reams and reams and its great to know I can grab a few packs for all their scrawls I mean essays!!

This was even better value 2 for £1 highlighters much used in class work for those points you need to remember!

Paige loved this design so great for storing the mass of paperwork already appearing after just one day at college.

he was moaning recently at the prices of 2011 diaries that only have three months left and the cheapest she could find was £7, so this mid year diary is perfect.

Finally despite me wanting to embarrass them with a Robot Warriors and  Miss Cutie lunch box, I went plain and got a lovely trio of stackables which though not in the back to school is definitely useful for sarnies, fruit and a yogurt.
Or in Paige's case her fave lunch of pasta pesto

I have only bought these few items but there are water bottles, lunch packs, notebooks, math sets and the list goes on.
Plenty in stock too. I was more than impressed with the huge bundle I got for £10 and when you think one diary was £7 in another shop, we've had some real bargains.

Wishing your school children and college kids a great year!


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