Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ocado introduce Reflets De France

Ocado are proud to introduce over 100 regional delicacies from Reflets de France to their mix of big name brands and rare, gourmet producers.
They have a lovely selection of cheese and butter, meat and fish, bakery and sweet treats. soups pasta, honey I have only just covered a few here.  

The range is tempting to view, then when  I got sent a jar of the  Reflets de France Campagne Rough Pate to have my own little taste of France at home the temptation is greater as it was hard to leave it alone Its a free-range coarse pork paté from Brittany.

These patés were originally made in a crust. At the end of the Middle Ages the first “mincemeat” was cooked in pots and while the pastry disappeared the paté remained. Inherited from the Breton paté, the Reflets de France coarse paté is renowned for its thick chunks/mince and pieces of meat and fat which appear white.
The pate is just so moreish, it did not last an hour in our house. Chris deemed it the best pate he has ever tried and he like pate a lot!
Its meaty, very chunky textured,  a good pork taste with a hint of garlic, great on crusty white bread.

It is a tasty £2.29 and looking through the Reflets de France pages on Ocado the prices are very good for what is easily a gourmet range.
I am very keen to try more soon.|20000|20001|28469|29352|29426

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  1. My parents love France, so I'll be sending them in the direction of Ocado to have a look at all the French products!