Friday, 16 September 2011

Moon Dough Supermarket

Spin Master are really clever, they know just what will appeal to children every year. They have had cute puppies, a great diner set complete, pizzas, bunnies and farms.

I know for a fact that shopping is one of the great games that children love to play and with items to make first allows for added creative play.
I always had a stack of pretend money and empty packets to play shop when i was a child. Its an age old game that pleases all children.

Moon Dough  have launched  this Supermarket complete with a cash register, the best shop game accessory, the children can make coins and buy food items and make believe they are grown ups at the supermarket.

When you first open the dough it needs man-handling for a little while to make it more pliable and help it expand – then its not crumbly afterwards – a bit like kneading bread

No staining occurs in play despite the bright coloured dough, it does not make any greasy marks either, much better than any dough I have bought or made.

It feels really squidgy and very comfortable in your hand, its great just to roll and squash into shapes as well.

Grab your shopping list and don’t forget the basket as you visit the new Moon Dough Supermarket. With your magically moulding cash register you can create up to 6 unique coins. Use each one to purchase any of the 6 mouldable grocery items at the checkout.

 Stock up on fresh milk, bread, fruits, and more! Includes magical moulding cash register, 6 grocery moulds, shopping basket and 3 colours of Moon Dough.

For ages 3 years and over.
Moon Dough Supermarket available this autumn from: Argos, Toys R Us, Tesco, Asda, Boots & Toymaster   for around £15.99


  1. Oh I can see this being on my LO's Christmas list, she always plays shops, she has purses, shopping bags and plastic veg, this looks a bit more upmarket.

  2. Fantastic, my nephew loves things like this. After reading this I may buy him it for Christmas

  3. my daughter loves moon dough - this one looks great!

  4. looks great, my daughter loves moon dough, we have the burger maker and the bake shop so im sure this would fit well with the collection