Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lytess Slimming Range Review and 20% reader offer.

The Lytess Slimming range are designed to slim up to 5.5cm off your hips and 3.1cm off thighs in 18 days. Infused with caffeine to break down fat cells and Shea butter to soften your skin, slip on under everyday outfits or fitted styles.

Big claim for a pair of  full length leggings but it was going to be put to the test.
Oh my word, four weeks later I can tell you to pack up the wii fit,  "Ay Caramba the zumba, these actually do exactly what they say on the packet.
I lost nearly 3cm off my hips and 2.5cm off my right thigh and nearly 3cm off the left which I don't quite understand how they have different measurements but I'm not complaining as they are both slimmer.

An added bonus for me is my waist, I am not as tall as a lot of people who wear the leggings, they easily covered my stomach, which looks smoother and I believe slimmer. However I did not measure in time to add to the figures.

Back to the beginning, I made observations along the way to help me right a thorough opinion.

Surprisingly the leggings are light to wear, very smooth and seamless all adds to this.

The range includes a full length legging, a Capri length legging and a short.
For look alone these are good, they are not see through like many fashion leggings. I had expected to have to hide them under clothes (you can wear them under clothes if you need to), but with a long summer tee for days at home they look fine. You can do the whole process at night but I'm a sleep in the nude girls so only did this on colder nights.
 I had to wear them for 6 days, 8 hours a day and then a day off. This did not go to plan on the hot days (yes blink and you missed them) So for trying any of the other range I would like to try in cooler months. But I still had great results.

It was a bit of a pain only having one pair, washing them and getting them dry between wears but worth the trouble. It would be easier to have two pairs and Lytess do sell them as a pack of two.

The first day I wore the leggings after measuring my thighs and hips I just put them on, then carried on with my normal day.
I actually did not think about them, nobody in the house commented that I had on "fat pants" as you just cannot tell.

I am thoroughly happy with the leggings, they look good while making me look good, I want to find out if I can repeat the process at a later date if I need another go before Christmas. Yes I had to mention it. Sorry!!

Before when I looked at these clothes that claim to tone, shape or reduce weight, I was firmly in the camp that believed it was a gimmick. On the other side of the trial, I am a little bit overawed, still puzzled by an item of clothes being able to do this to my body, but more than all those feelings, very blooming happy!!

Worth the money (click the desciptions under the pictures to go to the pages) and probably saves more having to eat horrible diet shakes and meals!!!

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It’s that time of year again. The stores are filling up with Christmas gifts and party invitations are arriving on a daily basis.

By repeatedly wearing the products for 8 hours a day over 18 consecutive days, the caffeine in the garment fibres is released every day, stimulating the breakdown of fat. The Shea Butter nourishes, moisturises and softens the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth. So you can even wait until the beginning of December and still trim down on time for Christmas.
The Lytess Slimming range is clinically proven to substantially reduce the hips, thighs and moisturize the skin in 18 days. 77% of 20 trial subjects experienced significant centimetre loss up to 3.1cm on the thighs and 54.5% experienced loss of up to 5.1cm on the hips.


  1. I so need these and always wondered if they worked, thanks for the measurements too.

  2. they seem quite expensive - great if they work though!