Monday, 12 September 2011

Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash Review

Do you wash your fruit? Its very true that most of us follow a lengthy procedure of disinfecting our worktops, using antibacterial products for so many cleaning tasks, or homes and indeed our hands.
But when it comes to the fruit we eat we just give it a quick rinse under the tap, some people maybe don't even do that. I was quite dismayed that this really does not remove the chemicals that are sprayed on. That I give these to my family is not a happy thought.

Now I was never quite sure if the fruit and veggies I ate were totally clean and clear. I now eat a ton of these every day as I am folloiwng a more healthy eating plan, but its ironic that these health foods may not be so good with all the different pesticides.

Take apples. Research shows that by the time they reach your shopping basket, they can have been exposed up to 12
different types of pesticides (as well as handled by up to 10 different people) and a rinse under the tap is not enough to
rid them of this possibly toxic residue.

Nor will water provide the necessary protection against food poisoning bacteria
such as salmonella, campylobacter and e-coli.

As the recent food poisoning outbreak in Europe demonstrated, this can prove to be deadly. But short of scrubbing your
fruit and vegetables with detergent what can you do to protect yourself and your family?

I do where possible and money permitting buy organic, then read that as it  can have higher levels of bacteria due to the use of natural fertilizers so really this is why it does not last as long as other produce.

The solution sent to me in spray form is Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash, made of natural ingredients, which removes pesticides and bacteria leaving no
aftertaste or smell – so you get just the taste and nutrition that nature intended.

Now I was a bit puzzled as at first I thought that the Fit spray may be adding more chemicals to the fruit, but all the ingredients are natural, in the main food stuffs themselves. Listed amongst others are grapefruit juice, oleic acid derived from olives, molasses. 
So I was feeling quite reassured.

Its easy to use, just spray, then rub in the Fit and then rinse, I first ried it on a tomato and it just felt totally different after, sort of squeaky clean.
Since then I have used it on a range of fresh produce. Now its really a faith product, I can feel some of the fruits (mainly the harder fruits) feel clean by touch, but its hard to see on them and for  soft foods like strawberries and lettuce, (which Fit advise should be soaked) its impossible.

As TV hygiene expert Dr Lisa Ackerley (Watchdog,Secret Tourist) says: “Washing your salads with Fit helps to remove
dangerous pesticides and bacteria that water alone cannot. Instead of putting wax in your strawberries and cream or
drinking wax with your glass of Pimms, wash citrus fruits first in Fit.“

PRICE INFO: 350ml Fit spay: £4.99
950ml Fit wash soak (can be used as sprayer refill): £5.99.



  1. I've never heard of any product like this before! I kind of wonder how such natural ingredients could get rid of all the chemicals/pesticides etc. Sounds like a good idea, but I think if I bought this, I would use it once then forget about it.

  2. Hi! Me too I've never heard of such a product...

  3. i knew about this product but i haven't tried yet.