Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elias Super Wipes

Elias Super Wipes little miracles of dry cleaning in a handy pack.
This is my description of them and here is my review.

We are a family of clumsy clots when it comes to spills, Chris even came to me from his parents with the nickname James Wreckit ( his middle name, James that is, not the Wreckit bit!!)
Chris has spots on a lot of his clothes. Conor too, his can be more spectacular, a whole bowl of chilli con carne on his shoulder, how? Don't ask, I still don't understand the "I was on the phone eating and the food flew from the bowl.

Paige is not too bad, and me well I am not a messy eater but when cooking, you can usually tell what it is before it gets to the plate just by surveying the top I'm wearing.

These are often sorted with an array of products designed to help and my motto is get to work on the spill immediately and its usually easy to remove.

This does not help when at a restaurant slurping the soup of the day or tucking into a bowl of pasta sauce. Nor does it help when you feed your toddler on the move.

So Elias Super Wipes are the pack to have.

Oddly when sent the Elias Super Wipes I thought wow these will get some trialling, the day before, I spilt soup on my sleeve at lunch with Chris. I went off to the ladies and scrubbed and mopped and dabbed but all I ended with was a soggy sleeve and a still brown soup stain but more noticeable.

Finally the stain arrived, Chris missed his mouth (This should not happen really, but too busy looking around at other diners) and he slopped coke down his tshirt.
I actually am proud that I left the wipes in my bag and I passed him one.

Now the instructions are.
Treat the stain immediately, place a piece of cloth on the inner side of the fabric.
Wipe the stain with the wipe in a circular motion then wait ten minutes. Wash or clean the garment afterwards

Chris got a napkin and applied one side to the patch and wiped the stain. It did not happen instantly but as it dried we could not see the stain. It does say to wash immediately and I did worry that it would affect the tshirt as we were out all day, but on washing the stain had gone and there was no discolouration from the wipe.

I am thrilled with the result, it means we have a as Elias say the Super Wipe is your first aid for removal of food and drink stains.

They are £2.49 for a handy pack of 5 wipes
On sale at various locations in London and also online with free delivery