Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Disney Princess Magic Wand Game

This is the board game that will have your little princesses clamouring for and parents all over dashing out to buy once the ads hit the TV.
Its a great game, board games if they work and are not too difficult.

I was sent the game to try and can't wait to see it in action, my little cousin will adore it.

I set it all up to see what we need, nothing worse than a child getting a new board game and sitting while the adults try and work the rules and gameplay out.

You will need batteries for the wand so don't forget if you are buying this for Christmas. We always buy lots for all the new games etc as the worst thing we did one year was forget to check a games required batteries and its a terrible thing to have a disappointed child unable to play their new game.

Talking of the wand this in my mind is the best bit of the game and moves it beyond a simple board game to something really special for little girls and boys.
It replaces the usual dice and tells each princess how many steps to take.

Its a simple yet involving game and whats so good about this is the chance to be a princess is the hook for children.
A really great concept for a board game. With a great board and the wand brings it a notch above other games for little ones.

Transport your little one to a magical fairytale kingdom with the brand new Disney Princess Magic Wand Game from Jumbo. Children can transform into their favourite Disney Princess as they play the part of Cinderella, Snow White, Belle or Sleeping Beauty.

Sharing the fun with up to four friends, players work their way around the board with the aim of being the first to win the ultimate prize, entry to the enchanted castle!

The Disney Princess Magic Wand Game is no traditional board game as kids can ditch the dice to make way for the ‘speaking’ wand! With one wave of the wand, the Fairy Godmother will guide Princesses around the board and tell them just how many steps to take.

With the pop-up 3D castle, Princess counters and not forgetting the ‘speaking’ wand, your child will enjoy hours of fun living the life of a Princess and what’s more, the winner shall go to the ball!
Suitable for children aged four plus. RRP £14.99.
Now available in Argos, Toys R Us, Tesco, Smyths, Entertainer and Mothercare


  1. i wonder if my little princess needs one of these, or prehaps queen mummy does!!!!!

  2. Wow I am getting this, I have a Belle fan who would squeal if she opened this at Christmas.

  3. My daughter would love this - she loves everything disness princess!

  4. looks like fun - my niece would love this!!

  5. This is so adorable !

    My best friends little girl would just love this !

    Perfect for all princesses !


  6. im buying one of these for my niece this xmas :D

  7. Awww I would have loved this! Hope I have a daughter one day so I can buy her awesome things like this! :)