Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Crosta & Mollica – The Toast of Italy!

I love bread but since being on the Slimming World Plan I've resigned myself to having anything other than my daily portion of wholemeal as a treat, so when I do treat myself it has to be very very good bread, the type that looks, smells and tastes heavenly.

So much is my love for crusty bread that unlike other Slimming world members who have been getting a Chinese or pizza as their treat, I have been off to the bakery to buy a bloomer or crusty baguette.

So when offered a Crosta and Mollica Italian bread to try, I was happy to break my plan and this time for a Sunday breakfast. I was sent the toasting bread, a handy precut five slices. Its attractively packaged and made me want to tuck in straight away. I resisted the urge as I was making some lemon curd for the weekend.

It smells freshly baked a very rich wheaty smell. Toasting the aroma is lovely.
I used good butter and the curd and with a cup of Lavazza I had a well earned leisurely Sunday morning breakfast, loved each mouthful, its light crunchy, soft in the middle and has a lovely flavour, I'll definitely buy again.

Along with this new launch there are also Torinesi Extra Fine Grissini which i will also be trying on a treat night!

Crosta & Mollica, suppliers of quality regional Italian breads, bring an authentic taste of Italy with two classics made with local ingredients for a delicious culinary experience. 


Altamura, a traditional artisan bread, is lovingly made using 100% local durum wheat flour ground in mills within the communes of Altamura.

Boasting an aromatic taste coupled with a crisp thick crust and golden crumb, these large Puglian loafs are delicious when toasted and turned into bruschetta with a rub of garlic, glug of olive oil and topped with salt and pepper. Alternatively try adding some ripe and juicy tomatoes and a piece of basil for ‘must have’ Christmas antipasto served immediately with a glass of velvety red or warming mulled wine.

Baked by the Forte family in Altamura, Italy for over fifty years where ‘passione’ is at the heart of what they do, Altamura bread was the first baking product in Europe to be granted a DOP certificate (or denomination of protected origin).

Altamura is available in Waitrose nationwide and Selfridges priced from £1.79 for five slices.

Torinesi Extra Fine Grissini – a unique collaboration between Crosta & Mollica and the historic estate of Castello Monte Vibiano in Umbria has been the catalyst for baking these delicately light and fragrant breadsticks – perfect when wrapped with a little Parma ham, served with dips or as an accompaniment to your antipasti plate.

Using Castello Monte Vibiano’s first press olive oil produced from the 13,000 olive trees that surround the spectacular castle in the hills of Umbria, the oil is specially preserved after pressing to ensure that the fresh aroma and taste is retained when added to the dough in the traditional grissini bakery in Piemonte.

Available in Waitrose, Crosta & Mollica Torinesi – Extra Fine Grissini retails at £1.29 for a 120g box.

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