Monday, 19 September 2011

Counting the costs of Meningitis

This disease kills and maims in hours, throughout the world 700 children die from Menigitis every day.
I know as a Mum its a disease that is always there in the back of my mind whenever my two got a fever.
I had a little check card attached to my fridge so I could always check.

A baby can become ill so fast I wanted to add the symptons that may occur and remember if they don't all present and you are concerned just get your little one checked out.

Meningitis Research Foundation are asking for our help.

Ahead of Meningitis Awareness Week which launches tomorrow (19th September). MRF are launching their 'counting the costs of Meningitis' campaign - this is an online petition to call on the UK government to pursue the widest and earliest implementation of vaccines against meningitis and  septicaemia to prevent the disease.

Is your baby getting worse fast? Babies can get ill very quickly, so check often.
  • Tense or bulging soft spot
  • High Temperature
  • Very sleepy/staring expression/too sleepy to wake up
  • Vomiting/refusing to feed
  • Irritable when picked up, with a high pitch or moaning cry
  • Breathing fast / difficulty breathing
  • Blotchy skin, getting paler or turning blue
  • Extreme shivering
  • A stiff body with jerky movements, or else floppy / lifeless
  • 'Pin prick' rash / marks or purple bruises on the body
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Sometimes diarrhoea
  • Pain/ irritability from muscle aches or severe limb/joint pain   

Not every baby gets all these symptoms. Symptoms can appear in any order.

Please sign the online petition


  1. Thanks for a reminder of these symptoms. We all need reminders from time to time.

  2. i think we all need a reminder, its something we forget about, until its happening to our babies

  3. Definitely something that everyone needs to remember, a horrible illness!