Monday, 12 September 2011

Chedds Review

Children do also have a passion for cheese, in the Cathedral City Mature Lighter cheese review I just posted, I was telling you of this  love passed onto my daughter Paige and its also shared with friends children and families. So when I was asked to review the newbie from the Cathedral City family I was happy to do so. These are 100% cheddar snacks launched for children going back to school.

They first came to my attention via a TV advert and the daft Chedds mouse was the character that caught my eye. He challenges two children to a musical statues dance off for their pack of Chedds and as he dances hilariously the kids look on bored and uninterested. Really funny as a modern outlook on kids today not being impressed by a fluffy character.
The reverse psycology has worked as we all love the mouse.

When I was asked if I wanted to try the snacks I agreed, not just for the children as I love a cheese product too.

Here is my Chedds bounty.
I bought all my Chedds in Sainsburys were they have an introductory price of £1.49.
First to be tried were the Chedds Nibbles  you get 6 small bags in the pack great for the week at school and one over for an extra treat!

 These are tiny little cubes ideal for nibbling, very handy for small fingers and tummies. Perfect for packed lunches and a snack when you get home.

 Paige said they were a bit too mild for her, I liked them and could see what she meant but liked the mildness. I felt possibly as her fave cheese is Stilton this may account for her verdict.
What is great about these and all the Chedds range is the nutritional value. They  are 100% natural products with no colours, flavours or preservatives, so Mums can hand these out without worrying about harmful snacking and children also get a good calcium intake.

The Chedds Bricks are larger blocks of cheese, you get 8 individually wrapped bricks in the pack, again great for taking in the packed lunch, or as a snack in the evening.

I come finally to our favourite the Chedds Cheese and Toasties, there are three snackpots and inside is a foil packed set of melba toasts and slices of cheese.
These look lovely are great for a little snack and seem the cutest, mini cheese on toast for smallies!!
The crisp light bread and mellow cheese is a lovely combination of soft and crunch. They make you feel happy in this little form and don't you like the arty Chedds flower we made?

The range is perfect for lunchboxes and is available in three fun formats that kids will love to eat: Cheese and Toasties – mini slices of real Cheddar and melba toast, Nibbles – a mini bag of bite sized cubes that kids will love to share and Bricks - mini blocks of Cheddar that are perfect for kids on the go. As well as tasting great, kids will also love the playfulness of Chedds. On each pack is the cheeky Chedds mouse and a fun fact or joke that children can impress their friends with.

Available in supermarkets now


  1. This sounds very yummy and I'm not a fan of the strong stuff so this'll be right up my alley !

    I love the idea of cheese "Bricks" too ~ Perfect for Cracker Barrel Rats like me !


  2. I'm a huge fan of these, especially the ones with the little breads. The bricks are my least favourite though, as they're not big enough to satisfy a cheese craving nor as fun as the little tiny pieces. But that's probably because they're not for grown-ups ;)

  3. It's amazing that these are advertised so heavily as "100% real cheese". What else would they be? I should certainly hope they were 100% cheese! Are we so used to plastic processed foods that we should be somehow amazed that the cheese we are buying is, in fact, cheese?