Monday, 12 September 2011

Cathedral City Mature Lighter Cheese Review

My passion for cheese  eating was sadly curtailed while I've been on Slimming World.
Happily I did not have a lot of weight to lose and I was also allowed to eat, albeit small as part of my daily allowance 28g of cheese. I know for a fanatic this was the one thing along with crusty white bread that made me groan. I could not envisage my doing it especially as its on my menu in some form every day.
Once I got into the swing of eating healthily I began to look in finer detail at all the dairy products I could have.

My particular interest was the cheese section and then I spotted that if I used low fat cheese I could eat 42g!! Now with that amount it made for a heftier filling,  multiplied for 4  people it made for many of my main meals being back on the menu. 

There was I found, a hitch to the low fat Cheddars, they taste a bit bland, sort of a strange aftertaste which made me long for cheese even more. The other annoying thing is the texture it just collapses, crumble off not like a Caerphilly or Lancashire but in bits and makes it hard to slice.
Cooking it just didn't melt right the taste still disappointed and I had given up hope.

Avoiding the cheese section I hadn't noticed a beautiful buy, it wasn't until a fellow Slimming World member told me that Cathedral City had a really good light cheddar called 'Mature yet mellow Lighter'


I contacted them and asked if I could review the cheddar and here I am back in my cheese heaven.

First thing I had to review was the  taste. I know  the packaging, texture, freshness, cooking suitability all come into it, but just for one moment I wanted to slice off a chunk of cheddar to nibble on....just because I could!!

I was not disappointed. It has a mature taste equal to its full fat original. The creaminess that's so good about Cathedral City is still there and that lovely strength of cheese is very evident.  There is absolutely and I promise this no reduction in taste because its a healthier choice. Exactly what I expect from a lower fat product.

In a sandwich its seriously good, it tastes strong yet smooth.
 I gave Paige my other family cheese fan, a sandwich, she never commented on it being different. I had to know if it was just my being in a cheese dearth in the past few months that made for my enthusiasm.

OK so onto texture, it slices smoothly as you can possibly see above and joy of joy grates well so will be used in recipes, it melts satisfyingly well too, which means I am going to be adding it to all my fave dishes again.

I am nearly at the end of losing weight and now need to just maintain my achievement so I'm looking forward to eating cheese still with a mindfulness of my health and weight but now with a tasty mature quality cheddar that is as good as the rest of the Cathedral City range.


  1. Great review! Me and my partner agree completely! He's a massive lover of cheese and I used to put this lighter version in his sarnies for work for ages before he knew - he couldn't tell the diffence :)


  2. I really like Cathedral City Light, it's as tasty as full fat cheese, although I usually only get it when it's on offer.

  3. I love this too, it's so good to have a lower-fat product that doesn't show in the taste! :D

  4. I think lower fat cheese is a great idea. I just hate when its melted and the fat sits on top of it. Puts me right off. I dont really buy this cheese as to me it has a gritty texture. I have found that with all of their cheeses. Its almost like when you have an icecream that hasnt been frozen well and has the crystals in it. Thats what this cheese reminds me of.