Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Branston Peanuts & Crackers

You know when you look at a product that's totally new and say to yourself, now that feels as if it should have been around forever. The new Branston Peanuts & Crackers are a bag of nomness that has the best of our British classics.

These will be a great snack at Christmas, the classic cheese and pickle and bowl of peanuts  on Christmas Day evening all rolled into one, so while you groan at the TVs offerings you can nibble away with ease.

Of course as a cheese lover, I will be having that as well!!

Pickle lovers can now enjoy the delicious taste of Branston in the form of a brand new snack, Branston Peanuts & Crackers.

A modern twist on a British classic, Branston Peanuts & Crackers deliver the tantalising taste of the nation’s favourite cheese and pickle sandwich in a handy snack-sized bag. The delicious oven baked peanuts are coated in the unique flavour of Branston and are accompanied with tasty cheese mini crackers – perfect for tickling the taste buds of any pickle pundits.

These sweet and tangy nibbles can be enjoyed either at home or on the go; and in the run up to Christmas make the fantastic addition to any festive occasion.

Available in Aldi, ASDA, Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose stores nationwide - Branston Peanuts and Crackers are priced from £1.49 for a 90g bag.


  1. mmm these look really tasty will definately be on the lookout for these

  2. these sound yummy will have to look out for them in the shops