Friday, 2 September 2011

Bakestone Traditional Northern Baked Goods review

 SRP 49p
Are you hungry looking at this shot.
I am, it was from Bakestone Bakery and it was the largest oven bottom muffin I have seen.

I was sent  a box of Bakestone treats and I say treats as that's exactly how it felt. I have been losing lots of weight recently and said that once I dropped to my size 10 I could have the occasional treat and this was the moment.
I have not eaten bakery goods since June so I was very hopeful that these would feed my imagination and taste buds.

Bakestone is new to me and I can see from trying we will be old friends soon, I have missed them on shelves but delighted to find out they are in local convenience stores and Aldi's yet again that store sells great quality products.

My family are from Manchester originally and I feel I should have heard of these northern beauties.
A little history for you so you are aware of the background first
Created by Manchester born baker Howard Hunter, who has been making and distributing bread for over 30 years and still operates a family run company, Bakestone has two main bakeries in Manchester and Liverpool. They say they’re always hard at work making and delivering traditional tasty bread, cakes and morning goods to bakeries and convenience stores.

Bakestone products are made using only the best ingredients and come in a wide range of products in white, brown, wholemeal and fruited varieties to satisfy every taste. Everything made under the Bakestone label comes with a guarantee of quality, good value and only the finest bread for your dough! For the most scrumptious variety of traditional baked treats look no further than Bakestone’s tasty range of wholesome bread, rolls, potato cakes, scones, lush fruitfuls, barms and oven bottom muffins.

 (SRP £0.75)
I was amazed at the size of the Lush Fruitfuls, they look like a giant teacake and I treated it as such, It was toasted and slathered in butter, we all loved them, my only moan would be for more fruit. But they were soft, moist and scrummy and I enjoyed them

 SRP 89p

These potato cakes beat my all time favourites from when I was young in Scotland and from a bakery there, I was a fussy child and I lived on them. These Bakestone giants transported me back to childhood memories and they far outweigh any in the supermarkets now.
Double the size, fresher by far and tasty, the amazing thing for this bargain hunter is the price. It transports me back to pre recession.

The Oven Baked Muffins are an amazing 49p
Soft fresh perfect with bacon as you saw above.
They make a substantial breakfast and as my children said you can really only eat one.

 SRP £1.10

I make scones as a rule I find shop bought dry and a little tasteless, but these were again fresh, moist and full of sweet plump fruit.
I stopped at half a one and yearned for some clotted cream to really indulge.

SRP £1.25

I have not eaten white bread since June and have missed it, I adore wholemeal for taste but white bread just is the best with ham or cheese.  
Its soft, tasty and a great size for a sandwich. I was good and added lots of salad!
This bread is made for the toaster and is lovely and squidgy if you get my meaning, when toasted there is still a softness, not too many crumbs. The texture is firm but soft.

I am very impressed with Bakestone, will definitely buy again. The size and value is great, the quality outstanding.

To see the entire range and drool some more you can visit Bakestone at 

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