Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Air Wick Touch of Luxury colour change candles

I am going to whisper the word that strikes fear in our hearts this early.....Christmas.
Please don't shout at me, I've been seeing goodies and gifts for the festive season as early as my summer holiday at the beginning of August, many shops now have Christmas stock,  so the pressure has been on for me to start reviewing gifts and goodies.
I have to admit to loving the whole holiday, as a child you will have read maybe last year, my family did not celebrate it. I am like a child at Christmas I think because of this.
So when Air Wick asked me to review the new Touch of Luxury colour change candle and then sent the Christmassy Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple fragrance, I must admit I got an urge to start making mince pies and buying wrapping paper.

The scent as I opened the box was warm, the cinnamon scent was rich and heady, I loved it and really could not wait for the evening to try out.

Chris and I lit the candle quickly taking a picture as it starts.
We watched it and decided perhaps it had to warm up, yet as I uttered the words, it started to change, from green to pink, to red, to blue. It really is very clever.

Just starting pink to red

It gives a lovely atmosphere and with the curtains pulled and the gentle flicker and warm changing colours it offers a lovely  combination of a Christmas  fragrance and lighting to set the mood
I think the blue is my favourite
Now for the science behind this magical creation: the glow is triggered via a heat sensitive light sensor, which is activated whenever the candle is lit and continues until the candle is blown out, allowing you complete control over when and where you create your special atmosphere.

Choose from your favourite festive season fragrances including spicy Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple, indulgent Rich Vanilla and Caramel Swirl, floral Precious Silk and Oriental Orchid or the new fragrance for Air Wick, Cocoa Truffle and Crème.

Air Wick’s new colour change candle is part of the Touch of Luxury range which also includes additional candles, automatic and instant sprays as well as plug-ins, all of which add that extra touch of daily luxury and indulgence to your home.
Air Wick Touch of Luxury colour change candles are available at all major supermarkets RRP £6.12 
For more  information visit www.airwick.co.uk


  1. Oh I love all the Christmassy candle fragrances, they just make the house seem all warm and cosy!
    I'll definitely be buying these, I love anything that lights up and changes colour, my dining room is starting to look like a 'disco' room.
    Kirsten x

  2. OOOH they're cool aren't they! I want!!

  3. They're gorgeous !

    I love the red/pink shade it looks so soothing . Perfect for the bathroom or the bedroom .

    I love the new range of scents . Cocoa Truffle and Crème sounds delish !


  4. These candles look lovely, the blue one would be great on the side in the bath as they look soothing x

  5. Looks lovely, haven't seen this before!

  6. These look lovely!! I've never seen them before. Shall definitely be keeping my eyes open for them x