Sunday, 28 August 2011

UNEARTHED Review Share the discovery of three new exotic meats

The unearthed® team has travelled far and wide to uncover some truly hidden gems and sent me some to try.
I was most excited about the new spreadable Calabrian Ndjua, the idea of being able to smother a piece of baguette or toast with a spicy salami taste is as you all know my kind of treat.
Its delicious and teamed up with a side salad of tomato and basil this was delicious. Its great on toast, muffins too. This is so exciting, I love new foods that I have not heard of and that seem really different, this tasty treat is that.

The Chorizo De Leon went so perfectly with smoked cheese, some Olives from Spain which I'm also reviewing and a glass of Rioja. Its a lovely weekend treat, very smoky as described.

Now I wanted to cook with the Spicy Salsiccia and I decided to make my all time favourite meal, though this is the first time I have ever cooked it, so it will be a work in progress. Recipe in a separate post here

I think you will agree it looks fabulous and the taste was amazing.

There is a suggestion on the pack for making a tomato and onion pasta sauce and adding the salsiccia, definitely my next meal with the delicious unearthed sausage.

Chorizo De Leon, Spicy Salsiccia and Calabrian Nduja.

Chorizo De Leon -

This cured chorizo hales from El Bierzo in North West Spain, and is naturally smoked using the traditional Spanish method - oak wood. The gentle smoky flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment with a glass of earthy red wine (£3.49, 220g).

Spicy Salsiccia -

Originating from Calabria, the southern region of Italy, Spicy Salsiccia is a cured sausage spiced with chilli and fennel and is a great addition to your charcuterie board (£3.49, 225g).

‘Nduja -

Unique to Calabria, this traditional delicacy is a ready to eat spreadable spicy sausage. For a moreish snack idea, try spreading it onto crostini and garnish with fresh basil. ‘Nduja is also excellent as a cooking ingredient, for mini pizzas with a twist, add a spoonful of ‘Nduja to tomato sauce (a little goes a long way), top the crostini with the tomato sauce, cheese and your favourite toppings (£2.19, 90g).


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  1. Oh I am seriously drooling, I love spicy meats and these look really appetising, must make your recipe too.