Thursday, 25 August 2011

Smart Touch Elite Stylus Review

I follow Total Merchandise Ltd on Twitter (@TM_LTD_UK),  a lovely account to follow, very friendly and interactive. They sell printed promotional merchandise and Corporate Gifts. One of the U.K's top 20 Distributors.

They recently asked if any bloggers wanted to review a small product, always on the lookout for a chance to give my opinion, I asked to be included. Now to be honest I think promotional merchandise to be pens, keyrings and time has moved on with technology only requiring a phone, ipad, netbook etc. Total Merchandise have made that move too.

Arriving in the post was this rather smart looking  Smart Touch Elite Stylus pen and I am impressed, its a new way to control your smart phone however you still need a pen for scribbling down a contact, making notes etc, so this  pen covers that too

It works well for tapping on the screen, easier for me, the amount of times I miss something I am aiming at on screen, this is way more precise

It feels comfortable and it has a quality look to it.


  1. A great idea but I am always losing pens.I would need someway of attatching it onto something so I didn't lose it.

  2. Looks stylish and the dual use function is perfect.