Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Banrock Station Light Review

Now if you have been following the foody features on the blog you know that I am on a healthy eating plan. Its a plan for life more than a diet, I've never actually dieted or had to,when weight started to creep on, I was not unhappy at first.
Always being quite slender, it was a nice change to see. However it decided to get far too friendly with my hips, tum and butt and so outstayed its welcome.
I have just made changes to what I eat no portion control, just eating right for life. I attend Slimming World as the plan is ideal if you like cooking good food and healthy food and not worrying about portion control.
My first question to the consultant was can I still drink wine?
Not stemming from being a lush in any way, its just the treat i like after a long week or to relax with Chris or friends.

Well the good news was yes I could in moderation and so I am a happy bunny!
When the lovely people at Banrock offered me the new Banrock Light with less calories, it was very welcome. Arriving just in time for the Bank Holiday, it just had to opened that evening.

I tried the white first, its a Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc, it tastes very fruity, sweeter than average for this blend, but a nice refreshing glass. Perfect with the chicken casserole I was eating.

The next day I tried the rosé its a lovely scented wine, again a subtle sweetness, very light and I drank with a creamy prawn and garlic salad.

Both wines are very summery in taste and I am happy to know I can actually pour a little more in the glass and not worry about weight gain. 

Banrock Station Light is leading the way in a new style of drinking, offering what every woman wants from a glass of wine – less calories with the same great taste.
Available in a refreshing light Rosé and a crisp light Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc, you can enjoy the great taste of Banrock Station Light as soon as it hits the lips, without the fear of it hitting the hips.Fabulously fruity and light in taste, but also light in alcohol with only one unit and 56 calories to the 125ml glass – that’s less than 30 per cent found in a typical glass of wine.

Fantastic on its own, or as a delicious accompaniment to a tasty meal of grilled chicken or fish, Banrock Light is the perfect addition to summer days spent with friends.

Banrock Station Light will be available in Tesco’s nationwide from 17th August 2011 for RR £5.49


  1. Sound lovely and drinking wine without feeling so guilty has to be a bonus

  2. Oooh I do love a glass of wine. 'specially when me and my gorgeous girls are snuggled on the sofa under our 'blankie' and watching a Rom com (or a Disney /Pixar movie). But I always feel a bit guilty because I know how many calories a single (large) glass contains. Note to self, must try the light version :-)

  3. sounds great - i havent noticed this in the shops yet!

  4. how many weight watcher pro points is a 125ml glass?

  5. Ooh I've no idea are Pro points done per calorie amounts?

  6. This is really useful information! I'll look out for this in the shops. Thanks.