Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Spicy Jambalaya

My all time favourite dish in a Creole/Mexican restaurant is Jambalaya and this is the first time I have cooked it myself, plus made a healthy Jamabalaya so I can have an extra portion and not feel too guilty.

For those who want a  Slimming World Jambalaya calculation this is 9 syns for the whole  pan full. 
So a low 2 1/2 syns roughly per person. Of course it can be made with out the spicy sausage then it will be free on the Extra easy plan, but I guarantee you will miss the extra warming smoky taste that makes this a traditional jambalaya recipe.

Now the spicy salsiccia is from Unearthed my review is here and while not chorizo, it is so so  delicious, I urge you to try it with this dish and also in a pasta sauce too. It lends itself so well to the spices.

I use Veetee Easy cook rice, its a great quality and cooks to give a soft rice that absorbs all the flavours.

The frylight is used to keep this within the healthy eating plan, you can of course substitute with extra virgin olive oil or your usual oil if not slimming.

The ingredients I have listed is my usual tweaking and merging of 3 recipes I googled, feel free to adapt as well and let me know if you have an improvement. 

I would have used prawns but Paige dislikes them.

Now you can just buy cajun seasoning or you can make your own easily.
The recipe below can be stored in a jar and used as and when you need a little fire on your potato wedges or in a stir fry.

Its easy to cook, with the long list of ingredients it sounds a bit tricky, but trust me its a cinch. The aroma as its cooking is heavenly.


1/2 large onion finely chopped
1 sticks celery, finely chopped
1 small red pepper, chopped
1/2 yellow pepper
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1/2 bunch spring onions, chopped (incl green tops)
1 bay leaf
100g unearthed Spicy Salsiccia sliced thickly
400g chicken breast
1 chicken stock cube
600ml boiling water
400g can chopped tomatoes
300g long grain rice
1 tsp Cajun seasoning

1 tsp thyme
1tsp oregano
1 tsp paprika ( use just a pinch if you prefer food mild)
Tabasco or West Indian Hot pepper sauce if you want an extra spice kick


1. Spray Frylight in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the celery, red pepper, garlic, spring onions, and bay leaf. Cook gently, stirring occasionally for 5-8 mins until softened.

2. Meanwhile, dissolve the stock in 600ml of boiling water. Wash the rice in several changes of water until the water runs clear.

3. Increase the heat on the vegetables and add the chicken, cooking for a couple of minutes until it is opaque. Add the chorizo, cooking for a couple of minutes.

4. Add the rice and stir to coat. Add the tomatoes, stock and seasoning then bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 25 mins until the rice is cooked through but the jambalaya is moist. If dry, add a little more boiling water.

5. Serve with Tabasco and lemon wedges

1 and 1/2 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon ground black pepper

Banrock Station Light Review

Now if you have been following the foody features on the blog you know that I am on a healthy eating plan. Its a plan for life more than a diet, I've never actually dieted or had to,when weight started to creep on, I was not unhappy at first.
Always being quite slender, it was a nice change to see. However it decided to get far too friendly with my hips, tum and butt and so outstayed its welcome.
I have just made changes to what I eat no portion control, just eating right for life. I attend Slimming World as the plan is ideal if you like cooking good food and healthy food and not worrying about portion control.
My first question to the consultant was can I still drink wine?
Not stemming from being a lush in any way, its just the treat i like after a long week or to relax with Chris or friends.

Well the good news was yes I could in moderation and so I am a happy bunny!
When the lovely people at Banrock offered me the new Banrock Light with less calories, it was very welcome. Arriving just in time for the Bank Holiday, it just had to opened that evening.

I tried the white first, its a Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc, it tastes very fruity, sweeter than average for this blend, but a nice refreshing glass. Perfect with the chicken casserole I was eating.

The next day I tried the rosé its a lovely scented wine, again a subtle sweetness, very light and I drank with a creamy prawn and garlic salad.

Both wines are very summery in taste and I am happy to know I can actually pour a little more in the glass and not worry about weight gain. 

Banrock Station Light is leading the way in a new style of drinking, offering what every woman wants from a glass of wine – less calories with the same great taste.
Available in a refreshing light Rosé and a crisp light Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc, you can enjoy the great taste of Banrock Station Light as soon as it hits the lips, without the fear of it hitting the hips.Fabulously fruity and light in taste, but also light in alcohol with only one unit and 56 calories to the 125ml glass – that’s less than 30 per cent found in a typical glass of wine.

Fantastic on its own, or as a delicious accompaniment to a tasty meal of grilled chicken or fish, Banrock Light is the perfect addition to summer days spent with friends.

Banrock Station Light will be available in Tesco’s nationwide from 17th August 2011 for RR £5.49

Jack Daniel’s Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze

The summer may not have been too hot and our bbq is still under cover most of the time, but when Jack Daniels' sent me their new Smokey Sweet Barbecue glaze we decided that the weather outdoors would not stop us getting a taste of summer indoors.

I had no ribs or chicken to hand but a need to try the glaze out soon as I'd opened it to have a sniff, the ingredients all sound so tempting too. There is pineapple, orange molasses among others and of course the star  Jack Daniel's whiskey. It smells sweet and warm and I decided to make a simple Glazed Potato Wedges lunch.

I used less than the recipe below and wished I had used more, its sweet, smokey and very tasty, I cannot wait to smother chicken, chops and other vegetables with the glaze.

The glaze is the latest addition to the popular Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauce range, created after barbecue fans appealed to the brand to make a glaze.

The range also includes Smooth Original Barbecue Sauce, which features an intense Jack Daniel’s whiskey flavour, Full Flavour Smokey with hickory undertones and Hot Chilli with a kick that will tantalise anybody’s taste buds.The glaze and sauces are all made with real Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey directly from the distillery in Lynchburg and instantly transform any dish. 

Geraldine Marks, Brand Manager for Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Sauces comments: “There are literally hundreds of recipes online about making an authentic Jack Daniel’s whiskey glaze and since we launched the sauces our customers have been asking us to create a glaze. The new Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Smokey Sweet Glaze is exactly what they’ve been craving.”

Each Jack Daniel’s sauce is virtually fat free with less than 30 calories per typical 25g serving – making it a pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about. All the sauces are suitable for vegans too.

Potato Wedges with Jack Daniel's® Full Flavour Smokey Barbecue Dipping Sauce

Serves 4
Method: Oven and stove
For the wedges
 Jack Daniel’s  Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze
3-4 large potatoes

Olive Oil
Sea salt and coarse ground black

For the dipping sauce
 Jack Daniel’s® Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze
 for dipping

Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
Cut the potatoes lengthwise into wedges and place into a roasting tray. Drizzle with the olive oil and season with a few grinds of salt and pepper. Place in the oven and bake for about 20 minutes.

Remove from oven and pour over bottle of Jack Daniel’s . Gently toss in sauce to coat thoroughly the wedges.
Return to oven for about 15mins until potatoes are fully cooked and sauce has reduced and glazed the potatoes. Remove from baking tray and serve on a warm plate.

For the dipping sauce
Pour Jack Daniel’s Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze into a pan and cook gently for around ten minutes until the sauce reduces down. Serve warm.

For extra indulgence serve with a bowl of fresh sour cream and chive dip

A full range of recipes have been developed for the new glaze and the sauces which are available on www.jackdanielsbbqsauces.com.
The sauces are available from all major retailers priced at RRP £1.99 a bottle.
The folk over at Jack Daniel's wants to know how you like your Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauce. Send us a recipe and if we publish it on our website, we'll send you a full set of Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauces.

bottlegreen Green Tea and Elderflower Sparkling Pressé

Well I think we can safely say this summer has been a washout, weather more changeable than my moods. I have even had the heating on in July, but I still have defiantly worn my summer dresses and flip flops, dined on summer dishes like summer pudding, strawberries and cream and a nice glass of iced tea.

I have also just started drink green tea, its taste is unusual, and you may say an acquired one. I'm drinking it for its health benefits, also as its reported to burn fat and boost metabolism.

I do love  sweet cold drinks in summer too and bottlegreen it seems have realised the interest in green tea and produced a sparkling drink that incorporates  it.
I like the light crisp taste a lovely refreshing drink, I sipped a glass with ice when the sun appeared briefly this bank holiday.

 Its lovely as a wine spritzer too and bottlegreen suggest gin as a nice alcoholic addition.

I'm holding out for an Indian summer and this will be the drink to accompany that.

NEW bottlegreen Green tea and Elderflower Sparkling Pressé.
bottlegreen has selected the finest handpicked elderflowers and combined them with infused green tea and lightly sparkling water to create the perfect summertime drink.

Made with only natural ingredients with no added preservatives or sweeteners, bottlegreen Green tea & Elderflower Sparkling Pressé brings together two traditional summer flavours in an unusual but tasty combination that provides instant refreshment on lazy days in the sunshine or at alfresco parties.

bottlegreen Green tea & Elderflower Sparkling Pressé over ice makes the perfect accompaniment to summer feasts such as barbeques or when sharing tapas with your closest friends. Alternatively for something with a little more kick, add a few shots of gin to a jug, add some freshly cut limes and top up with the pressé to create a delicious refreshing drink!
bottlegreen uses traditional wine making methods of production to ensure the new bottlegreen Green tea and Elderflower Sparkling Pressé, along with its popular range of cordials and sparkling pressés, are clean, crisp and with the flavours of the natural ingredients retained


bottlepink supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Chances are, like me,breast cancer has affected someone you know, or you've been affected yourself. It can be a devasting and sometime fatal disease and its one I think flicks a fear in many women and yes men too. Its UK's most common cancer.

bottlegreen have often sent me new products to try and even some of the gorgeous original elderflower cordial. But when they get behind a campaign which affects  nearly 46,000 women and 300 men each year. I am happy to do my little bit to encourage you all to go out and buy a bottle.

This flavour has a special name change for a limited time too.

The cordial and pressé are light, crisp, alcohol-free drinks, perfect for friends and family to share. Now you can enjoy the refreshing and exotic taste of pomegranate with the delicate, fragrant taste of hand-picked elderflowers - and support a truly great cause at the same time.
bottlegreen is available from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Budgens and Booths from 15th September and throughout October. bottlepink pomegranate & elderflower cordial and sparkling pressé make it easy for you to do your bit for charity. These eye-catching pink bottles are a great conversation-starter. Raising awareness of breast cancer simply by talking about it with your friends about it can really help (most cases of breast cancer are found by women noticing unusual changes, taking the initiative and visiting their doctor).

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is dedicated to the prevention, treatment and ultimate eradication of the disease. The charity fights breast cancer on three fronts: research (prevention and cure), campaigning and education. Breakthrough believes that through this work, breast cancer can be beaten and fear of the disease removed for good.
bottlegreen is proud to be associated with everyone at Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  We will continue to donate 10% from every limited edition bottle of pink pomegranate & elderflower and sparkling pressé to this pioneering charity.
To find out more about this terrific charity and how to get involved, visit www.breakthrough.org.uk.

Window Shopping...Online supermarket, Ocado, hits the high street with innovative new ‘shop’

Now this is what I call window shopping for real. How cool is this launch, I expect this may be the future for shopping!

OCADO WILL be moving from computer screens to shop windows, as the award-winning online supermarket takes residence at central London shopping centre, One New Change, to showcase the next generation in shopping.

In a UK first, live between August 25 and September 1, an integrated window display will allow shoppers to purchase all their grocery essentials and a few indulgent treats on their mobile phones, to be delivered direct to their door. From stamps to Shiraz; toilet roll to tuna; even delicious treats from the supermarket’s new Reflets de France and Daylesford Organic ranges, never has window shopping been so satisfying.

An experimental and innovative departure from its traditional business model, the Ocado virtual store at Unit 23, One New Change in the City of London will be accessible 24 hours a day with customers able to shop in a few easy steps:

If you don’t have it already, download the Ocado on the Go app from the App Store or Android Market
Open the app and press the barcode symbol in the top right of your screen
Hold the camera screen over the barcode of a product until it recognises it
When the product appears on your screen, press ‘add’ to put it in your basket
Keep on shopping and then check out!

A strictly online business, this is the first time Ocado has migrated from the internet to bricks and mortar. However, being pioneers in online grocery retail - introducing the world’s first transactional supermarket mobile application on iPhone in 2009 - the company was keen to stick to both its roots and strengths of digital technology with this unique spin on high street shopping. As of this May, mobile devices were used in a staggering 15% of Ocado checkouts; customers now regularly shop via the Ocado On The Go application.

Jason Gissing, Ocado co-founder, said: “The virtual shop window is a bold move for Ocado and something we are very excited about.

“We hope this trial is a hit, and based on its success, we’ll be looking at options around continuing this ‘virtual window shopping’ approach in other locations UK-wide.”

Head down to Unit 23, One New Change, from 25th August until the end of the month armed with your mobile phone for a truly unique shopping experience!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

UNEARTHED Review Share the discovery of three new exotic meats

The unearthed® team has travelled far and wide to uncover some truly hidden gems and sent me some to try.
I was most excited about the new spreadable Calabrian Ndjua, the idea of being able to smother a piece of baguette or toast with a spicy salami taste is as you all know my kind of treat.
Its delicious and teamed up with a side salad of tomato and basil this was delicious. Its great on toast, muffins too. This is so exciting, I love new foods that I have not heard of and that seem really different, this tasty treat is that.

The Chorizo De Leon went so perfectly with smoked cheese, some Olives from Spain which I'm also reviewing and a glass of Rioja. Its a lovely weekend treat, very smoky as described.

Now I wanted to cook with the Spicy Salsiccia and I decided to make my all time favourite meal, though this is the first time I have ever cooked it, so it will be a work in progress. Recipe in a separate post here

I think you will agree it looks fabulous and the taste was amazing.

There is a suggestion on the pack for making a tomato and onion pasta sauce and adding the salsiccia, definitely my next meal with the delicious unearthed sausage.

Chorizo De Leon, Spicy Salsiccia and Calabrian Nduja.

Chorizo De Leon -

This cured chorizo hales from El Bierzo in North West Spain, and is naturally smoked using the traditional Spanish method - oak wood. The gentle smoky flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment with a glass of earthy red wine (£3.49, 220g).

Spicy Salsiccia -

Originating from Calabria, the southern region of Italy, Spicy Salsiccia is a cured sausage spiced with chilli and fennel and is a great addition to your charcuterie board (£3.49, 225g).

‘Nduja -

Unique to Calabria, this traditional delicacy is a ready to eat spreadable spicy sausage. For a moreish snack idea, try spreading it onto crostini and garnish with fresh basil. ‘Nduja is also excellent as a cooking ingredient, for mini pizzas with a twist, add a spoonful of ‘Nduja to tomato sauce (a little goes a long way), top the crostini with the tomato sauce, cheese and your favourite toppings (£2.19, 90g).


is a national brand partner of Action Against Hunger and has committed to donate 1p per pack sold to support their ‘Fight Hunger Eat In’ campaign. By choosing any of the
unearthed® range, you can rest assured you’re contributing to a worthy cause.
For inspiring recipe ideas or to find out more about
unearthed®, visit
We’ll be travelling further in future, as well as unearthing the hidden gems closer to home, so become a fan on Facebook - simply search for
unearthed® and join us on Twitter:
www.twitter.com/foodsunearthed to hear about our journeys and to tell us about your great foodie discovery.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Chickpea Curry

Another hot and spicy recipe a chance to try out my pestle and mortar from Vacu Vin too. you can read the review here
The Chickpea Curry recipe I found on the rather tasty Tinned Tomatoes blog, which Jac in turn got from her friend. I recommend her blog for some rather fab vegetarian dishes and good reading too.
As Jac did in hers I adapted to suit my need to put my own mark on it.

I used less and replaced sunflower with virgin olive oil to make this a  Slimming World Chickpea Curry recipe. I fried the spices and onions in  my Crafond pan is incredibly good at cooking without burning or sticking so helps me to keep the oil to a minimum.

I've been doing this with most recipes as you know as part of making easy Slimming World recipes
I've found despite curry recipes suggesting several tablespoons it can be done with no real change to the final taste.
I also used chopped tinned tomatoes and as I like a tomatoey base the entire tin went in.

Chickpea Curry

2 medium onions
1.5 cm cube of ginger (peeled)
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
1/2 large red chili (roughly chopped)
2 tsp. coriander seeds
1 tsp. cumin seeds
1 tsp. turmeric
1/2 tsp chili powder
1 can of chickpeas
3 tomatoes from a tin (chopped) I used the whole tin)
1/2 tsp. brown sugar (optional)
Pinch of salt
3 tbsp. sunflower oil (I used 1 tbsp of Virgin Olive Oil)
1/2 lemon
3 tbsp. coriander leaves (chopped)
Black pepper to taste

1. Peel the onions, cut in half and then slice.

2. Heat a small pan and dry roast the coriander seeds.

3. Roughly crush in a mortar and pestle
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the cumin seeds taking care not to burn them.

5. Heat a large heavy bottomed pan on a medium - high setting and add the oil.

6. When the oil is hot add all the spices and allow to sizzle for 1 min.

7. Add the onions and fry for 1 -2 mins while stirring occasionally so they don't stick.

8. Turn down the heat to low and continue to cook for 10 -15 mins. Sprinkle on the sugar if using. ( I  don't)

9. Thinly slice the ginger and then cut the slices into quarters. Then add to the onions with the chili and garlic. Cook for a further 2 mins then turn the heat up to medium-high again.

10. Add the chickpeas and cook for 5 mins before adding the chopped tomatoes.

11. Add a splash or two of water to loosen off the mix. It should not be too dry.

12. Turn down the heat a bit and simmer for 10 mins. You can mash a bit of the chickpeas up with a spoon as the mushed chickpeas give a creamy texture to the curry.

13. Add the lemon juice and chopped coriander. Simmer for 1 min.

14. Serve  with rice and a simple raita of cucumber, tomato in fat free yogurt and a sprinkle of paprika, naan bread is good too.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Vacu Vin's New 2 In 1 Contemporary Pestle And Mortar

This may be a contemporary item, but here I go with my little history lesson again, that the pestle and mortar stem back to biblical times, mentioned in the old testament. They are recorded as early as 1550 BCE in Egyptian medical documents.

We have many devices for slicing, dicing, pulverising and crushing but its very therapeutic to sometimes do the actions yourself.

Chris and I went to Houghton mill at the weekend and I ground grain to make flour by hand using just stones, I felt very satisfied with the ritual and actually would have stayed doing it for longer if eager children were not queuing behind. I remarked this to a woman stood next to me and she said it made her feel like an earth mother as if it was meant to be.

Freshly prepared food does bring a great deal of satisfaction and time for contemplation I do believe.

So  for somebody who cooks a lot I had not in my artillery a pestle and mortar. Shocking especially when I make vast quantities of curries and spicy dishes. I have always bashed the spices under knives of spoons before.

The Vacu Vins one is a really treat for me. I put it to use on a couple of the ingredients for a Chick Pea Curry which you can see below and found it to work very well.

I found the pestle and mortar very easy to use, the aroma of my roasted ground coriander and cumin was heavenly and added to the pleasure of this meal. If you want the recipe its coming soon.
I aim to make my own Jalfrezi paste next and then will move on to some others.

The larger main bowl (10cm diameter) is perfect for crushing and grinding large quantities of ingredients, or even several at once. Alternatively turn the device over, and grind smaller amounts of herbs and spices in the smaller 5cm diameter mortar. The white ceramic mortar is robust and will make light work of grinding herbs when combined with the wooden pestle (The mortar can be stored dust free by turning the broad side down and placing the pestle upright in the small mortar base).

 Makes light work of grinding herbs and spices
 2 mortars - 100mm and 54mm
 Comfortable to hold Wooden pestle
 Ceramic mortar
 Dishwasher safe

At only £9.95 it will be a useful tool and make a great gift too.

Stockist enquiries: 01299 250480

Trevor Sorbie Launches 'The New Wave'

'The New Wave' has hit the UK. Nathan Walker International Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie has answered all of our dreams and created the perfect natural-effect wave, with along lasting effect.

Nathan comments;"My clients are all desperate to create natural-looking waves with texture that lasts, ‘the New Wave’ is an enhancing treatment that creates on-trend waves."

Not dissimilar tothe perms of the '80's results from the New Wave will last until the waves naturally growout. At last, no fuss waves which will last, wash after wash. Following an initial consultation, Nathan can create the effect on hair of all hair lengths and all hair types. Trevor Sorbie is thrilled to be launching such a sought-after treatment into the UK.

The New wave launches on the 2nd September 2011, initially exclusive to the Trevor SorbieCovent Garden salon priced at £180

Covent Garden Salon: 020 7379 6901

Radius Mouth Brush

I must admit to being a little overawed by the size of the head on the Radius Toothbrush I decided to trial this month. It seemed to me just off the size of a baby's hairbrush, I realised I was overestimating the size but its such a size difference from a normal brush.

I actually use an electric toothbrush but alternate with a manual, so I decided to skip both and trial the Radius for one week as challenged by mypure who I'm reviewing the brush for.
First I will give you the company's information so you can hear what they say.

Radius make a range of tooth brushes from sustainable materials with unique ergonomic designs. Each brush lasts up to 9 months and has 300% more bristles than a standard brush to keep your whole mouth clean. Clever handle design encourages brushing with just the right amount of pressure and reduces enamel erosion. 

Radius brushes are made in the USA where they have had a cult following since 1982. They are approved by the American Dental Association and fans include Sting, Cher & Martha Stewart!

The Radius Benefits:

1) Ergonomic handles are easy to grip and distribute pressure lightly and evenly over the gums. They also encourage brushing at the 45 degree angle recommended by dentists.

2) Radius brushes have up to 300% more bristles than a regular toothbrush.

3) The bristles are much softer & finer and they reach further down into the gap between the teeth & gums.

4) The wide head brushes teeth and massages gums at the same time.

5) Radius bristles do not absorb water and they last up to 3 times longer as a result. Radius brushes need to be replaced every 9 months instead of 3!

So how did I get on?

Well my first brushing one evening was slightly off putting. I had no issue with brushing the front of my mouth and my molars, when it came to my back teeth, I found the brush large and ended up gagging a little.
I found that just moving to another area for a moment, then going back did the trick in finishing. This became easier over the week. I love the handle it enables you to rest your thumb and the comfort I'm sure also adds to me not applying too much pressure when brushing.

After one week my teeth feel good, the brushing is easier, I do have one corner where I have to think before applying the brush as I still can gag, but if I think about it I can angle the brush to prevent it.

It does give a really good mouth clean, similar to when you leave the dentist, its also made me realise that a soft head can clean as effectively as a medium or hard bristle.


Smart Touch Elite Stylus Review

I follow Total Merchandise Ltd on Twitter (@TM_LTD_UK),  a lovely account to follow, very friendly and interactive. They sell printed promotional merchandise and Corporate Gifts. One of the U.K's top 20 Distributors.

They recently asked if any bloggers wanted to review a small product, always on the lookout for a chance to give my opinion, I asked to be included. Now to be honest I think promotional merchandise to be pens, keyrings and time has moved on with technology only requiring a phone, ipad, netbook etc. Total Merchandise have made that move too.

Arriving in the post was this rather smart looking  Smart Touch Elite Stylus pen and I am impressed, its a new way to control your smart phone however you still need a pen for scribbling down a contact, making notes etc, so this  pen covers that too

It works well for tapping on the screen, easier for me, the amount of times I miss something I am aiming at on screen, this is way more precise

It feels comfortable and it has a quality look to it.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I was very lucky to be completely on my own when the Galaxy Bites, a rarity as the children are on school holidays and I would have shared the bag with them. The delicious treats from Galaxy are exactly what I fancied as they appeared from the parcel.  I could have shared as this is the new sharing pouch.

I love the brand Galaxy, it was a forbidden temptation right from when I was young. My Mum would buy herself a bar of this chocolate and marshmallows ( I never found the same passion for the marshmallows strangely). She hid them away to have her weekend treat after a hard week. Being hidden and then coming across them tucked away high up on a shelf, always made the Galaxy seem the most desired of chocolate and its a feeling that has not left.

I can buy it when I want, I don't hide it, my children have their own favourites, but when a new chocolate arrives and especially Galaxy, I wanted to be on my own to savour its goodness!

The Galaxy taste is as creamy, sweet, and chocolatey as you all probably know. It has a silky texture  that I love. Then the best of all the middle opens to sweet gooey caramel and these are seriously good.

So now there is a bigger bag that is named a sharing pouch and after spending my time alone with them, I am tempted not to share this news!!!

So shhhh don't tell anybody!

The delicious spheres of smooth, velvety chocolate with a heart of sumptuous chocolate caramel are the perfect treat for when you want to kick back and unwind with friends.

Whether it’s watching your favourite film together or just having a girly gossip these chocolate treats will add that extra bit of indulgence to your time together.

Susanne Wedin, Brand Manager at Mars Chocolate, said: “Following the debut of Galaxy Bites single pouches in the Spring, we wanted the nation to be able to share even more indulgent moments.
Galaxy Bites sharing pouches are the perfect new addition to the Galaxy family – whilst the hugely popular Galaxy Counters and Galaxy Minstrels offer pure chocolate indulgence Galaxy Bites delivers something different with their unique soft caramel centres.”
Galaxy Bites sharing pouches are priced at RRP £1.89 available nationwide

Procook Glass Teapot

I am a bit of a teapot myself, fussy to the minute detail about my tea. Chris is very long suffering and has grown to love this along with my other idiosyncrasies.
I like my tea strong but not bitter it has to brew just  the right amount of time. The milk always goes in after the tea, so I can ensure whats coming out of the pot is strong enough.

The Procook Glass teapot is perfect for me, I can see whats happening to my favourite brew. Its described as elegant, beautifully crafted and utterly perfect for tea connoisseurs everywhere, our glass teapot allows you to view the steeping of your tea to your preferred strength so you can enjoy it at its best.

Crafted from glass with an integral glass handle and an inner stainless steel mesh basket in which to place loose tea or tea bags and finished with a polished stainless steel lid. Hand washing recommended or dishwasher safe with care.
The glass teapot is 700ml, priced at £12 and is available from

Get an eyeful with Scarlett and Crimson

Get an eyeful with Scarlett & Crimson!
   Before Paige got her hands on the new product from Scarlett and Crimson I was sent to trial, i want to give it the once over, then I decided I had to use it first.      
Now as you know my approach to beauty is one of sometime trepidation, I make a good few mistakes and need any easy or tip laden help I can get.
As a teen I slapped on a bit of lip gloss the required heavy liner and black mascara and made do. I was lucky as my eyebrows had a lovely shape and this remained until a few years ago. 

Sadly once plucked its a regular requirement in the beautifying of Jo!!

What I like about Scarlett & Crimsons latest beauty kit is its all there for the teen or *coughs* mature teen to achieve  a nicely shaped set of eyebrows.

The three different sized brow stencils to give you the perfect guideline. The tweezers a really handy mini size and actually easier to use than longer pairs. I prefer to pluck my eyebrows I get a terrible red brow for hours with waxing.
I did not get onto well with the gel, personally for me my eyebrows are quite light and I felt it made them seem more so.
The clear mascara and liner perfect for just finishing off the job.

The cute tin makes this a perfect gift for any young lady, Scarlett and Crimson really know how to go beyond just a beauty accessory, by presenting it in a lovely tin, it feel so much more of a treat to beautify.

Now must hide this from Paige.

Scarlett & Crimson‘s Eye Spy collection, all contained in a funky keepsake tin, will help banish any signs of the dreaded ‘uni-brow’ and create perfect arches to frame your eyes.
This handy little kit contains everything you need to achieve flawlessly shaped and styled brows, including; three stencils, natural brow pencil, tweezers and brow gel. Then finish off the natural look with a coating of clear mascara for a glossy lash effect that will be worth ogling at!
Available in Superdrug for only £7.95.
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Daioni Review The first Organic naturally flavoured milk in the UK

I first tried a small sample of the Daioni flavoured milk at the BBC Good Food show. I remember liking the taste, commenting how I liked the natural taste of the strawberry and then as is with the show, moving on to try yet more delightful samples.
When I was asked if I would like to review some for the blog, remembering the sweet taste, I agreed.

Daioni is the first organic naturally flavoured milk in the UK.  It is the brainchild of farmer, Laurence Harris, who spotted a gap in the market for an organic flavoured milk drink, free from any artificial colours and flavours.

I was a bit taken aback that this is the first organic flavoured milk. I mean its hardly a new concept in food production. So hats off to Lawrence Harris as he has done consumers a great service.

I say this because the taste is so good.  I'm talking as a sometime milkshake drinker, I have never been keen on the overly sweet flavoured milks. In fact milk is not a drink I go for.
I have been trying to increase my calcium over the years and mainly go with cheese which I love and yogurt which I sometimes enjoy. This will make a  great lunchbox filler for the children going back to school, its longlife so no deterioration worries.

The Daioni (pronounced dye-on-knee)  is aptly named as it means ‘goodness’ in Welsh and it covers not only the production but the taste, the shelf life.

Its goodness mostly is in the flavour, the strawberry tastes real, the banana natural and the chocolate ticks all the boxes for me. My favorite is the strawberry, but then again the banana, oh and I mustn't forget the chocoalte.... you will have to forgive my indecision and decide which one you like. let me know if you try it.

None of the flavours overpower and all the drinks are refreshing.
A lovely way to get the calcium I need and just to make me happier the cartons are low in sugar and fat.

Laurence and his family have been producing milk on their farm in West Wales for over 70 years, but when they created Daioni in 2003 it was a leap of faith. They set out to re-invent milk in a way that kept all the nutritional benefits of organic milk, but was fun, tasty and convenient too. They also wanted to produce a brand that would appeal to the whole family, from young children to their grandparents.

Working with a team of experts, Laurence developed the unique Daioni brand using milk from his herd of organic dairy cattle in Pembrokeshire.  It is available in strawberry, chocolate and banana flavours. It is produced from nutritious semi-skimmed milk, is low in sugar and fat, and totally free from artificial colours and flavours.  Daioni also provides 36 per cent of an adults’ recommended daily allowance of calcium, which is ideal for promoting strong bones.  Add this to the fact that drinking milk after exercise is known to help boost muscle recovery and Daioni is a tasty alternative to standard milk.

Packaged in a 250ml carton with an extendable straw, Daioni tastes great straight from the fridge, but doesn’t have to be chilled and has a long shelf life, so it is ideal for lunchboxes and consumers on the move.

Daioni is available to buy online from www.abelandcole.co.uk, in Tesco stores in Wales, and farm shops, delis and health food stores across the whole UK. Visit www.trioni.com to find out more about Daioni and the story behind the brand.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Pizza Hut Delivery Piri Piri Stuffed Crust

The original creators of Stuffed Crust, otherwise known as Pizza Hut, have launched their new Piri Piri Stuffed Crust Pizza.
The pizza comes with a spicy Piri Piri cheese stuffed crust and is absolutely bursting with flavour. It’s fully loaded with chicken, pepperoni, onions, mixed peppers and jalapenõs on top of a spicy tomato sauce. It’s a scorching little number which is available for a limited time only in all Pizza Hut Delivery stores

Regular readers of my posts know I adore spice and so I was rather keen to try this out for my own purposes and not just because I was reviewing Pizza Hut Delivery.

The ordering process is supremely easy. We chose our requirements and it was confirmed and ready to collect in the click of a few keys!

Talking of delivery, strangely in a city our size we do not have delivery two Pizza Huts and both are collection only.

The pizza was cooked on time, I sent Chris for our order booked for 7.30pm collection, the store rang at 7.35 to say the pizza was waiting, so a quick call to Chris to make sure he was nearly there. Our hungry tummies were glad when he said he was at their door!

Back at the house we were waiting plates at the ready and X Factor just about to start, The pizza looked great with big pieces of chicken and peppers and I could smell the spicy tomato sauce. The crust certainly looked thick and stuffed, I couldn't wait to tuck in.

The pizza is gorgeous, everything I like in my food, spicy and tasty and filling. The Piri Piri tops all stuffed crusts I've ever tried. Love it.

Oh sorry I was in pizza heaven there for a while remembering the taste. You may want to know the families verdict.

Well Paige and her boyfriend Ricky both gave it a thumbs up. Ricky said it was lovely and spicy, he found it got hotter with each mouthful.

Chris and Conor loved it Conor said it was nice to have a chicken pizza that was really hot for a change.

Thanks Pizza Hut we have found our latest pizza to dine in with especially while watching X factor, wasn't Gary Barlow trying to be Simon Cowell all bossy and sarky, loved it!!