Monday, 27 June 2011

Nicolas Feuillatte Cuvée

As my favourite drink is champagne I have often looked at the Rosé and wanted to try it but then stay safe with my white. So when Nicolas Feuillatte offered me a bottle to sample I at last could see for myself.
As per usual I am going to give myself and you a little background on this Cuvée.

In Champagne the cuvée  refers to the best grape juice from gentle pressing of the grapes.
In Champagne, the cuvée is the first 2,050 litres of grape juice from 4,000 kg of grapes (a marc), while the following 500 litres are known as the taille (tail), and is expected to give wines of a more coarse character. Many Champagne producers pride themselves on only using the cuvée in their wine.

OK so this is the best champagne and I want to savour it and drink on a special occasion, sadly my blimmin Royal Mail sorting office decided to hang onto to all my parcels way past Fathers Day so I sat yesterday in the sun and poured a glass. Its a real surprise to me as a white wine drinker, I loved the crispness just sweetened by a fruity taste, its a perfect summer flavour, mixed summer berries is the flavour that it most reminded me of.

I am so very happy that I was given the opportunity to try a Rosé and that it was a fine one by a great maker.
I heartily recommend next time you are in the champagne aisle you stop at the Nicolas Feuillatte and pick up a bottle.

This salmon-pink, almost coppery coloured Cuvée is a favoured companion for all memorable occasions.
: 10% Chardonnay, giving elegance and finesse,
60% Pinot Noir, adding roundness and structure, and
30% Pinot Meunier for fruitiness.
Fruity and well balanced. The carbonic maceration used in making this Rosé champagne, results in a fruitier wine.

Pleasing as an aperitif, this Cuvée will be a perfect host for duck with cranberries, pheasant, or also a delicious accompaniment of fresh goat cheese or a red fruit dessert.

"The Pinot Noir is strong, round and well-structured while Pinot Meunier is balanced, smooth and elegant. The Brut Rosé will charm the finest palates."

Price: £19 per 37.5cl and available at Majestic