Friday, 24 June 2011

mypure- Comvita Review - Anti-Ageing Replenishing Body Lotion

Its time for my monthly mypure review and this month I needed some body lotion and knowing my skin seems to gobble up any moisture and needs topping up on hot days I was keen to try a natural product and the new
Comvita Anti-Ageing Replenishing Body Lotion sounded perfect!

 The first word I spotted was Manuka, now I love this honey and have reviewed pots of it on a few occasions, its a miracle product, I have a lot to thank those clever bees who collect the honey

It means that the lotion will have a restorative property. Comvita say the clinically researched HUNI®XA Manuka honey, is proven to support the  skin's natural elasticity and help delay the signs of ageing.

In fact it is packed with good stuff, Macadamia oil and Sodium hyaluronate, a powerful natural moisturiser extracted from wheat, nourish and boost skin’s hydration, giving a beautifully smooth and toned appearance.  

Kawakawa extract, another miracle plant, I read up on this one, its known as the Pepper tree is used for all sorts of ailments, toothache, digestive complaints and is particularly good for  moisturising skin.

So how does it do on my skin. It is dispensed by a pump which I love for lotions as you don't have a slippery bottle to contend with.

 It has a  creamy consistency, I was over generous with the first amount I dispensed, it goes onto the skin then becomes a creamy balm, almost ointment looking, it does absorb well though but the first time I had to rub for a while. I found it best if added in small amounts, then it just absorbs effortlessly, in fact I feel I didn't need to use lots to moisturise at any time. It is not at all greasy and you can get on straight away with dressing.

If you buy this do try it on areas really prone to dryness, legs feet, elbows etc, my hands were particularly noticeable for the replenished softened look and feel.
My skin seemed to gobble it up and look revitalised and felt supple.
It lasts all day, my skin just feels really cared for, soft and hydrated.
The scent is light, almost not there but enough to make it a pleasurable experience applying. I absolutely love this lotion and am anxious to try more of the Comvita range.

Its £16 for a 200ml bottle you may think a little dear but it is seriously worth each and every penny.

Everything sold by mypure is sulfate free, paraben free & phthalate free. To find out about other chemicals you may want to avoid view our mypure promise and the chemical checklist.Comvita Replenishing Body Lotion


  1. This sounds great. My skin has gone really dry since having the children and needs all the help it can get! Thanks for the review, I'll definitely give this a try :)

  2. Another great bee produced product - I am a convert of anything related to honey or bee pollen. I drink it, eat it and now it looks like I will be adding it to my skin! @kooloose

  3. Hey Jo,

    did you receive your vest top from my May blog giveaway okay?
    Don't forget to try your luck with June's one before time runs out! It's THE cutest playsuit :)

  4. Sounds good - good moisturisers are my weekness.

  5. nobody wants to looks older these days right? anti aging cream is mostly preferred by diva looking women but,which is the best wrinkle free treatment? and how to use it?
    nice post keep it on

  6. This sounds really nourishing. My skin is also really thirsty for moisture so would be great for me. Thanks for the review.

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