Monday, 6 June 2011

Celebrate this Father’s Day with Toblerone

Celebrate this Father’s Day with TobleroneNation’s number one chocolate gift for Father’s Day unveils limited edition ‘DAD OF THE YEAR’ bar

Do you want to crown your Dad with the prestigious title of ‘DAD OF THE YEAR’? Well, now’s your chance with limited edition 400g bars of Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate. Not only that, but your Dad could also be in with the chance of winning a fantastic four day trip for two to Switzerland, the homeland of Toblerone!
In partnership with Switzerland Tourism, your Dad could be whisked off on a trip for two to the 4* Hotel Schweizerhof in the idyllic Alpine town of Lenzerheide, where he can enjoy fresh mountain air, breathtaking scenery and luxury spa treatment. Simply log on to, a place which celebrates all that’s lovely and chocolatey about Toblerone, from the beginning of June and tell us why you think he deserves to win.

With over a million bars of Toblerone expected to be sold for Father’s Day in 2011, the extra-ordinary Swiss chocolate is a fitting treat for extra-ordinary fathers.

With its delicious chunky chocolate triangles infused with honey and almond nougat, it is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. So, whatever he’s done to prove himself, the special ‘DAD OF THE YEAR’ bars are the perfect way to show your appreciation this Father’s Day. RRP is £4.69, but make sure you look out for great in-store deals near you!

Last year, a staggering 487 tonnes of Toblerone (1,219,261 bars) were sold in the four weeks leading up to Father's Day – the equivalent of 10,000 Swiss mountain goats!

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  1. I love toblerones. Especially the big ones! somehow they taste even better!

  2. My mum's fave, so dad wouldn't be happy if I got himm some for fathers day - she would eat it all! he he :) @pipersky1

  3. rhaaaaa I love Toblerone since, well, since the beginning of my life really!
    I am now following Toblerone on FB and on Twitter.

  4. anyone know where you can get these?

  5. My Tesco's Extra had them yesterday on special too.

  6. Wow I wish I'd known about these limited additions of Toblerone, I would of got my dad one for fathers day! Hope they have them again next year :').

    @Alex Richmond


  7. Mmm any excuse for Toblerone is a good one!