Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sanex Shower Gel Review

We use Sanex already, so when I was asked to try some with a view to featuring it, it was a no brainer. 

 I drift between shower gels depending on my mood, but we always have a bottle of Sanex for Conor as his skin can get quite sensitive to certain gels.
I love the huge family sized bottle it lasts a good while before the need to replenish, the tight person inside would like a valve to stop quite so much coming out when the husband and son get hold of it, but at least I know lots of Sanex means lots of clean!

I was sent the Sanex Dermo Sensitive Shower gel and its perfect for cleaning in a gentle way. It feels like thick creamy milk and has a pleasant scent, reminiscent of baby products but its not a babyish scent.
As I age, my skin is starting to get a little dry and I found stepping out of the shower after using, my skin while I dried was comfortable, and later on it was still feeling good. I did not experience any tightness on my legs which can happen with other shower gel brands.
It feels very soothing, more nurturing than others hence Conor using it for his sometime itchy legs and arms.

The bottle we tried was the 500ml size and Tesco have it at the moment on offer at £1.35 that's half price.

Many of us take our skin for granted, forgetting it is a living, breathing organ.  Sanex state they know skin and understands that every individual’s is unique. That is why it has a range of shower gels to suit normal, dry and for my son sensitive skin.

If you do have sensitive skin Sanex have some expert advice and tips to help on the website.


  1. think it is a good buy at half price, but not sure it is that good otherwise.

  2. Thats is a great value product.

  3. I always use sanex shower gel, makes my skin feel lovely and soft whilst not being too expensive - perfect :D x

  4. I love Sanex shower gel but because it is usually quite expensive I buy the shops own brand and then buy Sanex when it is on offer and then stock up on it