Monday, 16 May 2011


I actually nearly had a fight on my hands for the packs of Oloves when they arrived, Paige and I are not keen, but Conor and Chris adore olives, so it was down to them to share and review, why the fight when there were four packs? Well it sums up the passion for an olive.
If you like them it seems to me you are in love with them.

Chris opened a pack and said "My first comment is there are not enough!", as Conor already had filled his mouth, disregarding the handy littly cocktail stick in favour for filling them straight into his mouth he could not say much he nodded his agreement. Apologies to olive conoisseurs!

I said after a few more disappeared "Well are they good?", Chris said "They're olives!!!" This was a high award in his eyes a given that an olive is good.
For  the benefit of my blog and readers I tried for more comment. He said "They taste fresh, juicy, the best ones are the plain ones, but I would not turn the garlic ones away and I would still love them in a bigger bag"  I pointed out this rather defeated the snack pack idea and he said "Well its my review!"
Conor was still chomping and making appreciative noises, then said "They are well nice, can you get some more?"
There you have it the male review!

Tasty olive snack OLOVES are perfect for picnics and lovely in lunch boxes

Perk up a picnic and add something special to a lunch box with delicious marinated olive snacks OLOVES.

The award-winning healthy snacks are designed as a healthy on-the-go snacking alternative to crisps and nuts.

Sold in 30g packs, OLOVES have around 50 calories per pack and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and Kosher approved. They come in a handy liquid-free, foil-fresh pack and are available in two delicious flavours.

Tasty Mediterranean is a mouth-watering combination of green olives marinated in basil and garlic, while Light Hearted Vinaigrette features green olives marinated in a vinaigrette dressing.

Preservative-free, each bag of OLOVES contains 12-14 naturally tasty pitted olives, and makes the perfect addition to a summer picnic or home-prepared lunch box.

OLOVES are now on sale in 291 Holland and Barrett and 98 Julian Graves stores across the UK - and have recently taken off on airline Ryanair. They are now sold on a wide range of airlines around the world.

Recommended retail price for a single pack of OLOVES is 0.79p to £1 in shops, and €1-€1.50 on airlines.

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