Tuesday, 31 May 2011

mypure Lovea Bio Moroccan Argan Oil Brilliance Shine Shampoo

I told you recently I was selected as a beauty blogger for mypure recently. 

This month  for one of my choices I decided to stay with  something that features heavily in bathroom discussions in our house, yes like last month its shampoo again.

As I mentioned before we all have varying hair types I have coloured hair prone to greasy roots and dry ends. Paige oily and flyaway locks, Chris thick dry hair and Conor washes his sometimes twice a day so he can style it a certain way, his being oily from over washing but you cannot tell him ;) (and they say girls are always in  the bathroom!)

I came across the Lovea Bio range and spotted the Moroccan Argan Oil Brilliance Shine.
Now most people would shy away from oil in a product if they have oily hair, but luckily my hairdresser introduced me to Argan Oil benefits about 2 years ago. I know its amazing stuff, that actually is as good on oily hair or skin as on dry. Read my Zeen Argan Oil Review  here

Its a lovely shampoo for me, I recently had my hair coloured, I reviewed the A'kin Hair Care Ylang Ylang range to see how it was but wanted a shinier hair too.
The Lovea Bio works really well. It has a good lather, I found I did not need to use much to get  good coverage.
It rinses out easily and when dry, I definitely saw shine!

My hair also feels silky and  more manageable. Conor still washed his hair too much and slathers moulding wax on it, but at the weekend while he was revising so not doing the teen bad hair day woe routine, I mentioned he had shiny hair too. This did not impress him, he wants perfect hair!!

Paige felt her hair was a bit more greasy than before she used it, so maybe having fine natural hair, its a little heavy so prefers the A'kin.

Chris perhaps had the best result, his very coarse dry hair seems dull and it really made a difference. Glossy, soft and looked rich.
A very good valued £4.99 for 200 ml

Lovea Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo is a certified organic shampoo ideal for lifeless, dull hair, it fortifies hair and restores sheen and brilliance. This shampoo is formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil, one of nature’s treasures for its nutritive, regenerative, anti-ageing properties.

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