Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mrs Crimble’s Choc Macaroons

Did you know?

The name macaroon’ comes from the Italian word for ‘paste’ and most culinary historians agree that macaroons were probably first made in one of two Italian monasteries in the early sixteenth century. By 1510, the major courts of Florence and Urbino were harnessing the baking skills of local monasteries as they furiously competed with each other to produce increasingly elaborate feasts, including the creation of many new baked confections.

From Italy, macaroons’ popularity gradually spread to France and by 1533 the pastry chefs of Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henri II, were making ‘macarons’ a favourite treat in the French royal household. King Louis XIV even had ‘macarons’ served at his wedding, however, it is only now in the last few years that macaroons have become universally popular.

Well I did not know that and to be honest I was so busy nibbling the box of Mrs Crimbles Macaroons, I cant say I gave it much thought until after each tasty crumb had gone. For a sweet treat they are good, I am  rather surprised again these after all are also for wheat and gluten allergy sufferers and sometimes the foods can be very dry and strange tasting.
They are sweet, and light to bite,  in my mouth heavy with a satisfying syrup, gooey texture. The coconut is satisfying and chewy, the base of chocolate adds well.
They have a National Day for just about everything these days, this ones worth celbrating if you have a packet or three!!

Celebrate National Macaroon Day – 31st May 2011
Mrs Crimble’s – one of the UK’s leading bakery brands – is now selling more than one Choc Macaroon every second – officially making them the nation’s favourite! More and more people enjoy a regular ‘macaroon moment’ – usually with a cup of tea. So if you are a macaroon virgin the 31st May is the perfect day to put things right. All you have to do is make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down somewhere quiet, let your mind go blank and let one of Mrs Crimble’s Choc Macaroons do the rest….

Although National Macaroon Day was originally celebrated in America, coconut macaroons were a British invention and the average Brit eats more macaroons than a typical American, so if anyone should be celebrating – it’s us!

Mrs Crimble’s traditional macaroon recipe uses coconut and is naturally wheat and gluten free, so their Choc Macaroons are the perfect snack for anyone who needs, or wants, to follow a gluten free diet. Despite that, the vast majority of people buy them purely because they taste sensational!


  1. Mmm, macaroons, these ones look particularly yummy. Fascinating history! Wonder why the British decided to add coconut?

  2. I have to also add they don't go soft very quickly once opened, so perfect for camping food.

    Homemade are so much better though!!

  3. these look absolutely yummy

  4. THese look lovely. My sister worked in a cafe where they made the best macaroons but she only knows the recipe for about 100!! We are trying to cut it down but she's forgotten some of it!! I'll get there in the end!!!

  5. I like making chocolate macaroons as a treat and these ones looks delicious!

  6. mmmmm these look delish! :D x

  7. That last picture is making my mouth water!! :)

  8. When i was online shopping with asda one of the products were out of stock so they sent these instead. All i can say in one word *Lush* They were fantastic. I hid them from everyone and ate them myself lol