Monday, 30 May 2011

Magpie Monday for Less than Four and Twenty!

I finally got one!!  No not the pie silly !!
Magpie Monday actually is responsible for this wishlist buy, as I wanted  a pie funnel for ages, it helped make me go for it and as usual I wanted more than just an EBay bargain, see below.
 Ultimately I would've liked one of the blackbird type pie vents, my granny had one and she sang Four and Twenty blackbirds as she popped the poor little bird in, to be encased in pastry and boiled in hot beef. Poor thing always looked desperate, the beak open as if shouting "Get me out, its bloomin hot in here!"
I love making pies sweet and savoury, in order to let the steam escape and get a crisp top, I have been fashioning a pastry chimney which makes my pie creations look a bit naff. I spend time covering my filling making it look good, often crimping the edges,  then because there is this crater in the middle which if made any smaller collapses in, the pie just isn't as tidy as I would like.
See the steak and ale pie above not as nice looking with a hole in the middle!
OK the pie is tasty but I also want it to look cute, I of course could have bought a modern Kitchen Devils pie vent, but I do like vintage pieces in the kitchen.
Its a white stoneware pie  funnel, a popular design made in  the 1930-1940s and is marked by the maker Nutbrown who are a well known English pottery and kitchenware company.
Its made in Staffordshire home of the potteries. There are lots of these going on Ebay but I did not want to pay over the odds, some have been fetching over £10.

Even though the seller has other pie funnels on for more, I got his/her fabulous Fat Fingers moment where in a slip of the keyboard, was listed as a pie fubnel so scooped this one for £1.99  and £1.50 post and packing. If you are saying What is Fat Fingers? click the phrase and help yourself to others mistakes.
(It pays to read back what you type, says me queen of the blunder!!)

So there you go, my pies will look pretty and I snaffled a bargain.
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Me and My Shadow


  1. That's a great bargain - although I wish I'd known you wanted one as I unearthed a Nut Brown pie funnel in our loft clearout yesterday! And a Denby Manor Green one. Still, I'm heartened to hear it might go for £10!!

    Your pie looks scrummy :0)

    I've had a fat fingers moment myself this weekend and today we're off to collect 2 Art Deco Overmantle 'Mirrows' snapped up for a tenner!!!



  2. Wow £10 I wonder if they say mirrows too like frightfully posh people!!

  3. Lovely pie funnel. I'd never heard of 'fat fingers' before, although I've sometimes been guilty of it myself when listing ebay items - brilliant phrase.

  4. Lovely pie funnel, but I must admit the pie looks lovelier! I've never had much luck with fat fingers. But will def try again.

    Madison xxx

  5. Love th pie, could you bake one for me please ? oh and the pie thingy looks pretty nifty too (not much use in our house, I am the queen of can't cook, won't cook) x

  6. Brilliant! I hadn't heard about fat fingers before, but I have been guilty of it myself, selling an Orla Kiely handbag (almost typed hanpag there!) for a song because of a missed typo, boo!
    Wishing you lots of happy poe making with your new pie fubnel!

  7. Lol poe making isn't that Thomas Crapper?

  8. lovely, I love the blackbird ones too, I think my grandmother had one :)

  9. Oh fat fingers is brilliant...what a bargain!

    Lovely pie btw, looks yummy! :) x

  10. I always forget about fat fingers - it's a great idea! I've inherited a china pie funnel from my Nan, now I know what I'm supposed to do with it, thank you!

  11. Good find - fat fingers is fab when it works. I've got a Midwinter blackbird one I found at a bootsale but I must admit that at the moment he's living in some pansies in the garden!

  12. Great bargain, I'm on the lookout for one too :)

  13. I have a thing about these too and well done you on the Fat Fingers find

  14. I lurve Fatfingers... I know it's not strictly Pie Related... but I got the cheapest Buy on Bulgari perfume using that.... No one can spell Bulgari, or Omnia, or Amethyst.. (Not sure I can either). lol

  15. I am going to use FatFingers to help me grab a bargain!! Love the pie funnel, i always eye them up in cooking shops but can't justify the cost!

  16. Love your pie funnel but even more impressed with your pie. I have been looking at slow cooker recipes today as the weather and temperature have changed quite considerabley over the last couple of days. I fould a lovely beef and ale type stew recipe, might do that this week and put a crust on now.