Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Gammon Company - Honey and Mustard review

Gammon in our house is a staple, we eat it maybe not every week, but its served with egg and chips at the weekend, with cheese sauce and peas midweek. We also have gammon at Christmas, its  part of the usual festive fare and I have found a fab marmalade glaze that is worth the  several hours effort of  boiling, studding with peppercorns, glazing and roasting. Paige has to be in the mood for Gammon, she loves bacon but does turn down gammon.

I was therefore surprised to hear that the new Gammon Company  posted findings of a recent survey that showed the tasty meat is in danger of being shelved by the younger generation, the Gammon Company realised that the meat was in urgent need of an image overhaul.
I know that so many people eat ready prepared foods and not so many now eat British foods , I was made aware at the Good Food how in November  that many foods even down  to the humble spud are being lost by the younger generation in favour of rice, pasta, ready cooked meals and the nearest people get to home grown pork products is sausage or bacon.

Its kind of sad that people are missing good foods like this but the Gammon Company have set about changing that with a "modern twist" by launching a delicious range of quick-cook steaks which are accompanied by a duo of tempting pour-over sauces. 

Designed to be easy to cook, eat and enjoy, the gammon steaks are ready in just 10 minutes. There are two tantalizing sauces to choose from - Caramelized Pineapple brings a taste of the tropical to the table while old favourite, Honey and Mustard, offers a more traditional touch.

Paige especially was a complete convert to the Honey and Mustard coated gammon she said it diluted the strength of the gammon more, not sure that's the right term, but i understand her meaning.  I will be buying the steaks often as they are just another lovely way to cook them I grilled the gammon, they can be fried and as the Gammon Company state making them an ideal midweek meal in minutes!
I would love to try more sauces, keen for a spicy version too.
 To find out more please visit the website at http://www.thegammoncompany.co.uk/ and sign up to the Facebook and Twitter pages for information on all the latest products.
If you're tempted by the thought of The Gammon Company's steaks you will need to visit Tesco (where they're exclusively available) where they're on special offer at the moment

RRP : £3.19 for 290g (but currently £5 for 2 )

for more information : http://www.thegammoncompany.co.uk/

to buy online :

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  1. Oh my,they do look tastey,think i need to come around to your house for dinner next time you're cooking that.Oh i am hungry after seeing those. @v82chris x