Thursday, 26 May 2011

Funkin Woo Woo Review

 funkin cocktails are gorgeous I was given some to try last year you can read my review here I was impressed with the taste then and a few weeks later decided  to stock up  with more when I went to the BBC Good Food Show.

 I met some of the the team behind the 100% natural mixers made with fruit puree, the team like the brand just oozes that sense of zest for life but a passion for good ingredients in their drinks.

 I was asked to try the Summer 2011 addition the New Strawberry Woo Woo and it delivers exactly what I expect. The strawberries  are especially picked there are 3 varieties Polish and Spanish fruit chosen for their sweetness. Added to this are Italian peaches, lemon and one of my favourite flavours cranberry juice.

It is suggested for vodka and it works perfectly. Its sweet and slightly zingy, with the lemon notes.

The recipe is on the pouch and talking of pouches they are such a good package for the cupboard, you can squish them into available space. Its got to be better than glass bottles.
All in all I sort of want to say Woo Woo but I will refrain from silliness!

RRP 0.99


  1. Wow that looks fab,i love woo woo's cus i love archers mmm Id love to try these x @v82chris x

  2. Im loving the idea of putting Vodka with them (Y) ahaaa
    Jem xx

  3. Sounds perfect for a girly get-together. @aynslie70