Friday, 27 May 2011

Douwe Egberts New Refill packs

I was very pleased to receive a rather special gold package in the post this week, the lovely people from Douwe Egbert had put together a surprise delivery for me to showacase the new Dowue Egbert Refill pack.
Now as I have said in previous reviews, they do not have to do much to get my loyalty as I'm a diehard fan, the Jerry Maguire  famous line suits how I feel, "You had me at Douwe Egberts"
The new  refill packs are great a nice pouch with obvious green brownie points if you pardon the mixed metaphors! But Douwe were also thinking of their fans as well.

 They did some research which showed that we love and keep our jars! The refill packs enable us to use the jar to store new/fresh Douwe Egberts coffee. The Douwe Egberts jars have a unique stopper lid which lock in the freshness, taste and aroma of the coffee.
The jars can be reused for storing all manner of items around the house, from cotton buds in the bathroom to herbs and spices in the kitchen.

Or in my case chocolate. Paige uses them for craft embellishments all those faffy little bits for card making she used to have all over the bedroom.

They can also be refilled with the new Douwe Egberts Instants Re-fill pack.
Each pack has at least 97% less packaging weight and offers better value than the glass jars. There are two variants in the Refills Range – Pure Gold (medium roast) and Pure Indulgence (dark roast), both made from a blend of the finest quality beans to give the coffee a well-balanced flavour.

 The refill packs are available from ASDA and Morrisons stores nationwide, RSP £4.29

While I have you here I just wanted to give you the news of the
‘Be a Local Star’ campaign?

The concept for the charity campaign – Re-Fill, Re-Use or Re-Cycle – came from consumer insights into how Douwe Egberts customers use their coffee jars.

.They’re based around the three R’s:

A re-fill charity project is one that's low on funding and needs replenishing.

A re-use charity project is one which has facilities that are falling into disrepair, and funds are needed to return them to their former glory.

A re-Cycle charity project is one that transforms something unusable into something useful, such as wasteland into community allotment
A. For more information about the ‘Be a Local Star’ campaign, please email or call 020 7554 4496

See the campaign live at and take a look at our microsite at

Douwe Egberts is also on Twitter:!/DouweEgbertsUK

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  1. i think these refil pouches are great, they are really good for storage & obviously the environment! :)