Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dishwasher Magic Review

I am glad this product has arrived, we need more to choose from in the supermarkets and I like to see more than one brand selling a product that cleans the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Magic disinfects which eases my mind, despite it cleaning dishes, they often sit in the machine for a few hours and on a hot day I do think about the gruesome germs lurking inside.

Its very simple to use, you just take the cap off leave the wax seal on, this melts in the hot water and pop upside down in the cutlery basket. It does mention running the tap nearest to the machine until its hot, Chris pointed out that this is a US instruction as UK dishwashers are cold fill.
That's it, you just switch on and wait for the cycle to run.
There is not too much I can tell you about what it did to the depths of the Dishwasher, however I can say that after running the programme with Dishwasher Magic, the machine was shiny inside, it also is very fresh smelling even a few days on. 

 I feel more confident in the cleanliness and safety of my dishwasher today,  running this through regularly will keep the nasties at bay.
Now where can I  get a Dishwasher Empty and Put away Magic?? 

America’s leading brand of kitchen appliance cleaners arrive in the UK

 US leaders of kitchen appliance cleaning products has crossed the pond and are pleased to announce the UK market launch of Dishwasher Magic, Washer Magic and Disposer Care.

To be energy efficient, households are advised to run washes at the lower temperature of 30%; however, cycles at this temperature can cause problems.

A dishwasher cleaner that disinfects

Is your dishwasher prone to build up of food, stains, residue, and houses a foul-smelling odour? Dishwasher magic  is the number 1 selling dishwasher cleaner in the US with the added benefit of a powerful disinfectant.

 It is the only dishwasher cleaner available in the UK that also disinfects - as a result, killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria including E-Coli and Salmonella.

Dishwasher Magic Freshens — removing odor–causing food stains and residue that detergents leave behind.

Dishwasher Magic Maintains — removing tough built–up rust, calcium and lime which effect water circulation and cleaning efficiency.

Just a bottle a month will clean, freshen and maintain your dishwasher so you get the most important thing: clean and germ–free dishes.
So put Dishwasher Magic to work today — for yourself, your family and your peace of mind.

SRP £3.99


  1. I bought the product and it is as you say extemely easy to use and my dishwasher looks really clean now and the fact that it also disinfects my dishwasher makes me feel really good!

  2. Glad you agree, I just bought another as I have a new washer and I want to keep it in tip top condition.

  3. Great product this is. Never heard of the product before but after buying it, I am sold. Much better than anything else in the market. Also noticed that next to Dishwasher Magic they also do Washer Magic ( which I have tried too. This too is a great product!

  4. Good tip, will try the Washer Magic, too. Looks easy to use. Good video on the website.

  5. will need to try this and the washer magic too!

  6. I will be trying the Washer Magic, thanks for the above tip. Just had to buy ANOTHER new washing mashine, I think I will seriously do anything to try to prolong it's life!!