Friday, 27 May 2011

Benecol Review

I am a Bzz Agent and I was sent vouchers to try Benecol and Bzz about what its like, good or bad.

I find it amazing that you can do something as simple as including foods that will actually reduce bad goings on inside your body. Benecol is one such range that helps to lower  cholesterol and therefore lowering a major risk factor for heart disease and its as easy as just adding it not only to breakfast in the spreads but adding to your everyday recipes.

I used my voucher to buy the spread and used it in the Fisherman's pie I made recently it was a cross between the recipe in the Fish Book I reviewed recently and the recipe from the Benecol site. The pie went down a treat, no discernible taste difference but great that it does not add bad cholesterol.

As you know I always change a recipe to suit and I added prawns and omitted the tomatoes and parsley. Added peppercorns and bay.

You can add Benecol through your food easily this way, if you want to do it quickly you can drink the yogurt drinks which now also come in a dairy free variety. One bottle a day is sufficient.

Benecol® is the only range of foods to contain Plant Stanol Ester, a unique cholesterol lowering ingredient. Plant Stanol Ester works with the body to significantly reduce 'bad' cholesterol by partially blocking its entry to the bloodstream.
Plant stanols occur naturally in corn, wheat, rye and other plants such as pine trees and have been proven for some time to lower cholesterol.
Benecol® combines plant stanols with rapeseed oil extracts to create Plant Stanol Ester which, in turn, can be blended easily into foods without changing their taste or quality.

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